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New bio-sensing shirt co kicks off a launch campaign

To sell OmSignal’s new teched-out shirts, Tuxedo targeted fitness buffs wanting to take their workout further.

Canadian apps to track

Check out these hot new platforms with features like 3D, sensor-activated avatars and product searching based on photos.

Krush 4

Krush: a social shopping platform

The Pinterest-style app for action sports fans lets brands make user-posted content shoppable.

Fort York Exterior Battle of York 1813 view

Putting the ‘Awe’ in augmented reality

This Toronto AR company is working to create artificially intelligent avatars that can interact with people in real life.


Radio ads listen back

Can you hear me now? Smart radio ads may be the next best way to engage drivers.


Think Dirty’s toxic test

People want the filthy truth about what’s in the products they buy and put on their bodies. This app gives it straight.

Slyce app

Slyce turns everyone into walking flyers

The Toronto-based app lets you to snap a picture of someone else’s clothes to buy items on the spot.


Interaxon’s mind games

The brainwave-sensing headband maker has already partnered with Microsoft for games you can control with your mind.


Tomorrow’s retail tech today

The store of the future is already here, and it’s imitating the web while getting smaller and smarter.


Kiwi clips onto the wearable trend

The device responds to sound, movement and temperature, and could be a great market-research tool, says its founder.


Myo moves into the future

The gestural controlled arm band eschews touch for movement control.


Nymi bets on the heart(beat)

Can your pulse replace a password? This inexpensive wearable tech sure hopes so.