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2_Giant Tiger_Slippers TV

Giant Tiger turns on the charm for the holidays

To stand out from a “sea of twinkly lights,” the discount retailer is putting its unique gifts in surreal situations.

KFC_Satisfy Your Gravings

KFC goes all in on gravy

The QSR has tapped hip hop star Yung Gravy as part of a festive celebration for its signature sauce.

Heineken-Heineken Canada encourages end of -hustle culture- as m

Heineken cracks open a cold truth about overwork

A bottle opener that shuts down work-related applications aims to encourage workers to take time for themselves.


Ruffles and KFC aim for hype with limited-time pairing

The two legacy brands are looking to surprise consumers with a snack team up.

Simu Liu_Destination_Toronto

Simu Liu marvels at what there is to do in Toronto

Destination Toronto’s first effort targeting U.S. visitors since the pandemic enlists well-known “insiders” to show what it has to offer.


Bonterra is letting a green message stand on its own

Kruger’s newest brand creates an art installation that doubles as a habitat for local pollinators.

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.28.53 AM

GoDaddy tries to ‘do’ right by entrepreneurs

The company’s new campaign puts the focus on how it has tools (beyond just web hosting) that can help any type of business.


KFC toasts pairing fried chicken with champagne

The QSR is tapping growing cultural awareness of the combo, touting it as a new sensorial experience for its chicken.


Silk’s out of home becomes a home for bees

Expanding on a test Danone conducted last year, billboards that double as hives aim to boost a sustainability message that’s important to plant-based customers.

AriZona Hard 99 Cent Bikes - Photo 3

Arizona Hard is driving trial with bikes and seeding kits

After last year’s success, the Molson Coors brand is employing more tactics to generate interest in a new flavour.


Why a single malt scotch is cashing in on crypto

From Shopper Marketing Report: The Glenlivet is giving away cryptocurrency to evolve its popularity with finance types.


Coors Seltzer is helping older millennials keep things ‘wild’

The brand sees people aged 30 to 35 as a mostly-untapped audience, but one its data shows has been loyal to the beverage it’s selling.


Molson Ultra is making a big effort for active ‘weekend warriors’

The first campaign since a 2019 relaunch casts the beer as something to enjoy after any activity people choose to do.


Razorfish named digital AOR for Beiersdorf Canada

The recently relaunched agency takes on duties for a roster that includes Nivea and Coppertone.