A cross-country survey of media buying activity levels

Conventional broadcast TV

Conventional broadcast TV

4.5 out of 5

Tight in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. Nationally, the up-front market was very aggressive going into fall buying. Some shows sold out completely prior to finalizing station schedules. Once budgets and incumbent positions were established (about mid-July), inventory opened up.

Heavy spenders: entertainment, retail, automotive.

French market moved very quickly with top shows on TVA and SRC selling out early.

Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are hot: Buying is now into February. No seasonal rate reductions because market can bear regular rates.

Regional buyers are hoping some national inventory loosens up.

Specialty TV

3.5 out of 5

Channels with specific viewer segment monopolies (YTV, Teletoon, MuchMusic) have enjoyed very high demand this fall. Specialty continues to gain viewer share at expense of conventional, especially those with highest viewer share (TSN, RDS, Discovery, Prime, Space and Showcase) which are subject to pressure on their inventory.

In Quebec, RDS has become a must-buy for male or male-skewed demos.

Digital TV

1 out of 5

Has not seen substantial audiences as yet. Little demand.


4 out of 5

French-language Montreal radio became extremely aggressive this summer with on-air staff and format changes and major self-promotion campaigns. Pricing is less flexible.

Huge demand in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, much of December already sold out.


3.5 out of 5

Nationally September will be ahead of last year and the rest of 2002 looks to be strengthening. Heavy spenders are: auto, travel, retail, and luxury goods. Real estate continues to be strong. Recruitment (careers and employment) still has not rebounded. Financial category slow due to market conditions.

Western region papers are active. Tight when it comes to special positioning because of early bookings. Also a good time for community papers in B.C., with an increase of ads, flyers and inserts.


3 out of 5

Nationally, family, homes and women’s service magazines are enjoying a good year. PMB recent reading is giving the category a boost.

Western regional publications are sluggish. Lead times are too long for many advertisers. Publishers getting more aggressive.


3 out of 5

Outdoor is starting to experience an increase in buying versus a year ago. Certain forms, like posters, are active, with some 2003 periods close to a sold-out position. However, flexibility is still available with forms that have a higher volume of faces.

To date, 2002 has witnessed an increase in apparel, packaged goods and beverage spending, and a decrease in the financial category. Overall a soft year. Early indicators show that 2003 will see more activity.