Mass Minority spins off Bam technology

The marketing analytics platform will be its own company with eyes on expansion into international markets.


What’s behind the dairy category’s flavour frenzy

From frozen treats to alternative options, novelty, inclusion and health benefits are driving innovation.

L'Oréal Canada launches a Business Data Lab

L’Oreal opens up about its new Business Data Lab

The CPG’s chief scientist walks us through the new hub and all the insights it has to offer its marketing department.

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Ace Beverage Group quenches thirst for fresh approach to innovation

How the beverage company is nailing product ideation and corporate team-building all at once.


Ninja hones in on urban grocery delivery

The service is looking to corner the rapidly growing market after it raised $2.8 million in capital.


How will convenience and discount stores fare post-pandemic?

Our latest check-in with Mosaic’s Jason Dubroy focuses on opportunities from new store experiences to retail media.

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Some of WGSN’s radical trends for 2022

The firm paints a picture of brands dabbling with waterless washing, crypto loyalty, fermenting ingredients and smart textiles.

Strong Roots Products

McCain’s plant-based roots grow stronger

The CPG co bets on innovation gains as it continues to invest in start-ups all over the world.


Corona packs some sunshine into its non-alcoholic beer

AB InBev is launching the brand’s new Sunbrew variety in Canada first to gain insights on how to best reach a growing consumer base.


Why Alter Ego is big on virtual LED production

A spec spot for McDonalds using tech from TV sets shows an opportunity to change the commercial production status quo.


Brands to Watch: Kits brings convenience to eyecare

The newcomer to the eyeware scene is taking cues from the lifestyle and fashion world to market its products.


Canada’s innovation performance improves

But according to the Conference Board, the country’s overall performance remains “relatively weak” across key indicators.

Duer - featured

Retail innovation in a year of digital pivots

By thinking outside (and inside) the box, brands like General Assembly and Duer emerged as pandemic success stories.


L’Oreal finds beauty in open innovation

The beauty giant partners with local ecomm startups to create an accelerated path to tapping emerging opportunities.


Why Recipe Unlimited is expanding off-premise restos

Why the owner of Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s is ready to take its own approach to “ghost kitchens” national.