AToMiC Awards 2011

Strategy's inaugural awards celebrate the best achievements across Canada's media industry, spanning advertising, technology, media creativity and content.

Each year at our AToMiC confab – which covers the intersection of advertising, media creativity, technology and content, there’s a lot of excitement over the projects and possibilities emerging from the global digital innovation space. We wanted to complement that this year by curating the best examples of new turf being broken in Canada’s mediascape. So we set out to find them.
As the business of branding continues to delve deeper into the realm of content and technology, strategy joined forces with Playback, our sister publication covering Canada’s production industry, as well as Media in Canada, to help uncover the programs – from ad campaigns to entertainment to games – that best used all the new tools and toys to forge deeper audience connections.
Along the way we assembled a panel of advisors – leaders from all the key industries, from marketers and agency creatives to transmedia producers and media gurus – to help develop the AToMiC Awards, and a mandate emerged: showcase the ideas that are different and that show the way forward.
AToMiC’s inaugural awards began with a call for entries for cases pertaining to 12 categories: AToMiC Collaboration, AToMiC Idea, AToMiC ROI, AToMiC CSR, Best Brand Integration, Best Broadcast Engagement, Best Digital Engagement, Best Experiential Engagement, Best Print Engagement, Best Tech Breakthrough, Best Transmedia and Best Niche Targeting.
The AToMiC jury, the same group that steered the development of AToMiC, assessed entries using criteria relevant to each category, including content integration, partner collaboration, creativity and innovation, as well as results/impact. They assigned scores out of 10, and based on cumulative scores, finalists were assessed for AToMiC Gold, Silver or Bronze status.
The jury also selected the Grand Prix, the program, site, app or commercial content entry from any category that was deemed to raise the bar by most effectively reaching and connecting with audiences in new ways. Hint: it involved wearing underwear and leveraging social media to genuinely help a cause and made your dad’s knickers relevant to a new generation of men who need support.
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