Marketing Awards 2017: Design shortlist revealed

Meet the seven design experts judging this year's work.
M trophies

As one of two Marketing Awards juries to have met in person last week, our panel of experts adjudicating the Design entries for the 2017 awards show had their work cut out for them. The quality of the entries this year proved to be world class in many cases, with several pieces of design work taking home gold. While we won’t be revealing who those gold winners were until the Marketing Awards Gala on June 13th, below you can find all of the entries that made the 2017 Design shortlist. Chairing our design jury this year was Castor Design partner and industry veteran Steve Mykolyn, who was joined by six design experts to assess the shortlist and determine our medal winners:

  • Mikey Richardson, Jacknife Design
  • Ben Feist, Blast Radius
  • Diti Katona, Concrete Design
  • Jan Avendano, Art & Mechanical
  • Paul Hodgson, Trajectory/Faculty at OCAD
  • Alison Garnett, Field Trip & Co.

Joining our main jury for online voting were Monique Gamache of Wax, Danielle Krysa, also known as The Jealous Curator, and Will Novosedlik of Idea Couture. Below you will find the entries that made it through our first round of online voting and are in contention to win a medal at the 2017 Marketing Awards Gala.

2017 Marketing Awards Design shortlist

Brochures/Print Collateral

  • “IKEA: Cook This Page.” Client: IKEA Canada. Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto/Jungle Media
  • “Smith Brunch Menu.” Client: Smith Restaurant + Bar. Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
  • “Le Diner des agences Booklet.” Client: Johanne Demers. Agency: LG2

Corporate Reporting

  • “CSPD 2016.” Client: Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities. Agency: Wax


  • “Weston Bakeries Branded Environment.” Client: Weston Bakeries. Agency: Jacknife
  • “IKEA: Cook This Page.” Client: IKEA Canada. Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto/Jungle Media
  • “Toronto Natrel Milk Bar.” Client: Agropur. Agency: LG2
  • “Olympic Park Exposition.” Client: Olympic Park. Agency: LG2

Logo/Corporate Identity

  • “Fuel Transport.” Client: Fuel Transport. Agency: Sid Lee
  • “Nota Bene.” Client: Nota Bene. Agency: Blok Design
  • “Superkül.” Client: Superkül. Agency: Blok Design
  • “Olympic Park 40th Anniversary Logo.” Client: Olympic Park. Agency: LG2
  • “Sommet Ville Place Marie.” Client: Sommet Ville Place Marie. Agency: Sid Lee
  • “Summerhill Market.” Client: Summerhill Market. Agency: Blok Design
  • “Speechless.” Client: Carly Fleischmann. Agency: John St.

New Brand Launch

  • “The Give-A-Care Collection.” Client: Rethink Breast Cancer. Agency: LG2
  • “Olympic Park 40th Anniversary.” Client: Olympic Park. Agency: LG2
  • “1903: A Harley-Davidson Café.” Client: Harley-Davidson. Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • “Brand – Rituels.” Client: Rituels. Agency: LG2
  • “Liberté – The Taste.” Client: Liberté. Agency: Cossette
  • “Toronto Wolfpack.” Client: Toronto Wolfpack. Agency: McCann Canada


  • “The Give-A-Care Collection.” Client: Rethink Breast Cancer. Agency: LG2
  • “Ska.” Client: Ska. Agency: LG2
  • “The Goods.” Client: The Goods. Agency: John St.
  • “Boréale Classic Line Packaging.” Client: Less Brasseurs du Nord. Agency: LG2


  • “IKEA: Cook This Page.” Client: IKEA Canada. Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto/Jungle Media
  • “Museum of Contemporary Art Invitations.” Client: Museum of Contemporary Art. Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
  • “Say No To Spec Buttons.” Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • “Bored Games.” Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
  • “Canadian Apparel.” Agency: OneMethod (A Division of Bensimon Byrne)
  • “1903: A Harley-Davidson Café.” Client: Harley-Davidson. Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • “A+D Passport.” Agency: Arrivals and Departures
  • “1903 Harley-Davidson Café Coffee Ink Poster Campaign.” Client: Harley-Davidson. Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo


  • “Zulu Alpha Kilo Website.” Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • “Honour Sroll.” Client: Telus. Agency: The & Partnership
  • “Scrolling Marathon.” Client: Sports Experts. Agency: Rethink
  • “Sonnet Launch.” Client: Sonnet. Agency: Deloitte Konrad Group
  • “Mixtape of You.” Client: Boom 97.3. Agency: No Fixed Address