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HomeEquity Bank supports vets in the metaverse

The finance brand is creating virtual homes in Decentraland to raise awareness about projects that help homeless veterans.


What Gen Z really thinks of advertisers in the metaverse

One respondent in a new Vice/Razorfish study admitted that “when you see brands in a game, you want to indulge in them.”

Jennifer Horn_headshot

Fools rush in, where many fear to tread

Strategy content director and editor Jen Horn on why a brave (but measured) approach is best amid the hype of Web3.

Events in the metaverse work if there is a sense of
authenticity and if they’re executed in a fantastical way, say experts; In true Nike and Gucci fashion, both brands dropped limited-edition goods.

The fundamentals of metaverse marketing

Whether you’re selling loot or opening digital bars, users still expect authenticity from their virtual worlds.


A reality check on the metaverse

Are we on the brink of a social media-level paradigm shift, or do expectations need to be brought back into the real world?


What is the metaverse, and what does it mean for brands?

The digital revolution is merging physical and virtual realms. Wunderman Thompson Intelligence investigates how it will impact marketers.