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Canadians are split on if they will grow or shrink their holiday spending

MiQ research also found that consumers are spending more money on fewer goods.


Canadian consumers are in the mood to spend

Though the state of the economy is a factor, the latest MiQ insights show that is having more of an impact on habits like research.


Why minimalists are maximally important

MiQ research reveals what makes a consumer segment that has boomed since the start of the pandemic tick.


Which categories have had the biggest ecomm boost?

MiQ captures data from ecomm, coupon and discounting platforms to see if increased online interest makes up for dips in-store.


How cannabis consumers handled pandemic buying

Increasingly looking to lift their mood and relax, their interest in online browsing has not slowed since stores reopened.

Medicinal Cannabis In A Plastic Bag And In A Cigarette - Alternative Medicine

How Canadians are researching (and buying) cannabis products

Research from MiQ finds one in four visitors to a cannabis store have researched it first, and most stick to one store for purchases.

Holiday Shopping

Most Canadians expect to keep holiday spending steady

A report also finds that nearly every consumer will use a mobile device at some point in their journey.


Back-to-school spending to continue growing

In addition to increased online shopping, a study also suggests parents are making multiple in-person trips to find the best deals.