Suppliers of out-of-home products

The following list of out-of-home media suppliers was compiled from responses to a questionnaire faxed to approximately two dozen companies that sell outdoor, in-store, transit, airport and elevator advertising. Each was asked to list its media products and name major clients...

The following list of out-of-home media suppliers was compiled from responses to a questionnaire faxed to approximately two dozen companies that sell outdoor, in-store, transit, airport and elevator advertising. Each was asked to list its media products and name major clients which had used that product. All but one company responded. Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. Icons indicate product categories. Some submissions have been edited for brevity.

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3M Advertising Services

155 Lesmill Rd.,

North York, ON M3C 2V3

Tel: (416) 449-4400

FAX: (416) 391-3059

Bill McDowell, Sales Supervisor

Product: Mall Poster Advertising

Description: Backlit posters (43 1/2′ x 59 3/4′) placed in high traffic areas of 170 malls across Canada.

Major clients: Nabisco; Coca-Cola; Ontario Milk Marketing Board; Procter & Gamble; Alcan; Columbia Pictures; Federal Express; Oral B; Seagrams.

Product: Transit Shelter Advertising

Description: Backlit posters (47 1/2′ x 68′) on transit shelters throughout North York.

Major clients: Harvey’s; Columbia/Tri Star Pictures; Club Monaco; Wrigley; Warner-Lambert; Mr. Submarine; Cultures.

Actmedia Canada

977 Pantera Dr., Unit 1,

Mississauga, ON L4W 2W6

Tel: (416) 625-4014

FAX: (416) 625-0189

Michael Burrows, Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Product: Cart Advertising

Description: 10′ x 7 3/4′ advertising card mounted in the front of a shopping cart.

Major clients: Procter & Gamble; Cadbury Beverages; Unilever; Campbell Soup Company; Coca-Cola Foods; Kraft General Foods.

Product: Shelfvision

Description: Red plastic holder that attaches to the shelf at product location. Visible on both sides, it protrudes into the aisle and adapts to handle ads, adpads or recipes.

Major clients: Procter & Gamble; Cadbury Beverages; Unilever; Campbell Soup Company; Coca-Cola Foods; Kraft General Foods.

Product: Instant Coupon Machine

Description: Computerized red coupon dispenser, equipped with flashing red lights. Locks onto shelf at product location, protrudes into aisle.

Major clients: Cadbury Beverages; Ault Foods; Quaker Oats; Lever Bros.

Product: Actnow

Description: Cooperative couponing program that offers off-shelf merchandising display with product flags at shelf and a giveaway as an incentive to buy.

Major clients: Christie Brown.

Catalina Marketing

21 Waulron St.,

Etobicoke, ON M9C 1B4

Tel: (416) 620-6565

FAX: (416) 620-6913

Wayne Bennet, Director, Product Development

Product: Catalina Shelf Talkers

Description: Two-sided, four-color, 4′ x 6′ sign mounted on the store shelf at the point-of-purchase. Signs are tied into Catalina coupon system.

Major clients: Kraft General Foods; Coca-Cola Foods; General Mills; Cadbury Beverages.

Product: Catalina Couponing

Description: Electronic coupons issued at supermarket checkout.

Major clients: Procter & Gamble; Kraft General Foods; Kimberly Clark; Coca-Cola Foods; Nestle.

Product: Catalina Syndicated Promotions

Description: Brand specific or syndicated third party promotions. Turn-key promotion included couponing, shelf talkers and in-store posters.

Major clients: Procter & Gamble; Kraft General Foods; Coca-Cola Foods; Lever Bros.

Controlled Media Communications

Skydome, 300 Bremner Blvd., Ste. 3100,

Toronto, ON M5V 3B2

Tel: (416) 341-2800

FAX: (416) 341-2820

Rhonda Bradbury, Vice President, Sales

Product: SkyDome Jumbotron

Description: World’s largest video board (35′ high x 115′ wide) showing 15 second commercials and sponsorships, plus logo exposures.

Major clients: Ford; Coca-Cola; Xerox; Imperial Oil; Revlon; Canadian Airlines; Nestle; Nabisco; Toshiba; Toronto Sun; TSN; Microsoft.

Product: Supertrivisions and Trivisions

Description: Handpainted color signs located in Skydome bowl area.

Supertrivision measures 7′ x 33′; Trivision measures 4.5′ x 12.5′.

Major clients: Labatt; Japan Camera; Canon; Merrill Lynch; London Life; Royal Trust; Yellow Pages; CIBC; Hakim Optical; Para Paints; Brewers’ Association.

Product: Aislelites, TV Lites, Clublites

Description: Backlit panels in various sizes (4′ x8′; 2′ x 4′; 1.5′ x 3′; 4′ x 5′) throughout the Skydome.

Major clients: Labatt; Molson; TSN; Hakim Optical; Mackenzie Financial; CIBC; Bell Cellular; Coleman; Nabisco; Japan Camera.


355 Adelaide St. W.,

Toronto, ON M5V 1S2

Tel: (416) 340-7492

FAX: (416) 340-7496

Brian McDonald, President

Product: Pixelboard Advertising

Description: Computer-generated messages and graphics illustrated with points of light on a dark background. Messages run 10 to 15 seconds.

Major clients: Loto 649; MGM-UA; Universal Studios.

Gallop & Gallop Advertising

206 Parkhurst Blvd.,

Toronto, ON M4G 2G3

Tel: (416) 429-2000

FAX: (416) 429-2051

Greg Gallop, Marketing Manager

Product: Super Posters

Description: 10′ x 20′ billboard

Major clients: Chrysler; Pizza Hut; Molson; McDonald’s; Burger King; Imperial Tobacco.

Product: Motion Posters

Description: 4′ x 5′ posters that use polarized motion.

Located in Famous Players theatres.

Major clients: Coca-Cola; Guess Jeans; Hollywood Jeans.

Product: Shelter Lites

Description: 4′ x 5 1/2′ backlit panels in transit shelters

Major clients: General Motors; Molson; Cara Operations; Federal Government; Hiram Walker; Bell Canada.

Product: Bigboards & Spectaculars

Description: Various sized billboards up tp 40′ x 80′. Some front lit, some back lit, some with message centers, tri-visions and some with special effects, such as moving creative.

Major clients: Ford; Panasonic; Clavin Klein; Honda; Molson; Mitsubishi; Valhalla.

Product: Transit Vehicle Advertising

Description: Various sizes of interior and exterior posters.

Major clients: Nestle; Federal government; Mr. Lube; Loeb; Nissan; Pizza Pizza.

Product: Airport Outdoor

Description: Various sizes, on airport property reaching inbound and outbound traffic.

Major clients: Air Canada; Valhalla; Air Atlantic; Radisson; Sheraton.

Product: Storefront Posters

Description: 24′ x 32′ frames on doors and windows of retail shops and restaurants, with one poster facing street traffic and the other facing the in-store consumer.

Major clients: Conklin Shows; Caribana; Ontario Government; Vachon Cakes; Canadian Cancer Society; Citytv.

Gould Outdoor Advertising

1-500 Trillium Dr.,

Kitchner, ON N2R 1A7

Tel: (519) 748-6300

FAX: (519) 748-6222

Wayne Percy, Director of Sales and Marketing

119 Waterloo St.

Brantford, ON N3T 5P9

Tel: (519) 752-7838

FAX: (519) 752-7851

495 Newbold St.,

London, ON N6E 1K4

Tel: (519) 686-6512

FAX: (519) 686-1681

29 Neilson St.,

St. Catharines, ON L2M 5V9

Tel: (416) 685-4261

FAX: (519) 685-4773

Product: Posters

Description: Billboards – 10′ x 20′ horizontal; 12′ x 16′ vertical.

Major clients: unlisted

Product: Transit Shelters

Description: 4′ x 5 1/2′ backlit posters mounted in transit shelters

Major clients: unlisted

Product: Series 10 Superflex Bulletins

Description: 10′ x 44′

Major clients: unlisted

Product: Mall Poster Advertising

Description: 3 1/2′ x 5′ vertical backlit panels

Major clients: unlisted

Hook Outdoor Advertising

2335-30th Avenue N.E.,

Calgary, AB T2E 7C7

Tel: (403) 291-4665

FAX: (403) 250-8787

Doug Forsyth, Sales Manager

17206-108th Avenue,

Edmonton, AB T5S 1E8

Tel: (403) 483-3073

FAX: (403) 489-3452

Doug Forsyth, Sales Manager

2345 Yonge St., Ste. 510

Toronto, ON M4P 2E5

Tel: (416) 480-2132

FAX: (416) 480-9705

Glenn McConnell, Vice President, General Manager

1695 Sargent Ave.,

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0C4

Tel: (204) 942-1922

FAX: (204) 943-4951

Jeff Goethals, Regional Manager

Product: Mall Posters

Description: 44′ x 60′ rear illuminated, vertical advertising mounted in free-standing structure.

Major clients: CFCN

Product: Airlights

Description: 10′ x 30′ rear illuminated horizontal advertising.

Major clients: Canon; Toshiba.

Product: Poster Panels

Description: 10′ x 20′ front-illuminated horizontal billboards.

Major clients: General Motors; McDonald’s.

Product: Backlights

Description: 10′ x 20′ or 10′ x 30′ rear illuminated horizontal advertising face.

Major clients: Talking Yellow Pages; Blockbuster Video.

Product: Vertical Posters

Description: 12′ x 16′ front-illuminated vertical advertising face.

Major clients: Calgary Herald; Bike Shop.

Product: Superboard

Description: Front illuminated horizontal bulletins in two formats. Series 10 measures 10′ x 44′. Series 14 measures 14′ x 48′.

Major clients: Alberta 1st Call.

Product: Street Ads

Description: 47′ x 68′ rear illuminated vertical advertising mounted in a free standing structure at street level.

Major clients: Bankers Hall

Product: Transit Shelters

Description: 47′ x 68′ rear illuminated vertical advertising mounted in transit shelters.

Major clients: Market Mall; Circle K.

Images Videowall

8180 Jean Brillon,

Lasalle, PQ H8N 2J5

Tel: (514) 364-6878

FAX: (514) 364-6578

Elaine Poliquin, General Manager

Product: Hitachi Mural Vision System

Description: Flat-screened, compact videowall system.

Major clients: Air Canada; Pepsi Cola.

infoNet Media

2 Vulcan St.,

Toronto, ON M9W 1L2

Tel: (416) 614-7100

FAX: (416) 614-6790

Steve Owens, Vice President and General Manager

Product: infoShelf

Description: On-shelf medium for ‘shelf-talker’ advertising (3D or custom) and range of consumer promotions (coupons, contests, refunds, recipes, etc.)

Major clients: All major packaged goods marketers

Product: infoCentre

Description: Multi-panel units, placed at or near supermarket entrances, consisting of the largest advertising space available in-store and multiple facing opportunities for selective distribution.

Major clients: Federal and Provincial Governments, direct marketers and major packaged goods marketers.

Product: infoLites

Description: Network of backlit posters in high volume supermarkets in major Canadian markets.

Major clients: Major packaged goods marketers.

Jones & Morris Photo Enlarging

24 Carlaw Ave.,

Toronto, ON M4M 2R7

Tel: (416) 465-5466

FAX: (416) 465-6423

Peter Kruka, General Manager

Product: RotoTower

Description: Modular, rotating backlit system which displays up tp 16 different images. Measures 24′ in diameter and 50′, 71′ or 92′ high.

Major clients: (new product client list unavailable)

Product: Phototrak & Duraflex

Description: Hanging display system for photo and graphics. Up to 144′ x 48′ in one section.

Major clients: Eaton’s; Ho Lee Chow

Product: Duratrans

Description: Backlit display for photo and graphics. Up to 216′ x 72′ in one section.

Major clients: Sears; CN Tower; People’s Jewellers; Andres Wines.

Mediacom Inc.

250 Bloor St. E.,

Toronto, ON M4W 1G6

Tel: (416) 920-4311

FAX: (416) 902-7750

Caroline McEwan, Vice President, Sales Development

Product: Posters, Billboards

Description: 10′ x 20′ horizontal posters (some may be slightly larger). 16′ x 12′ vertical posters available in Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon.

Major clients: fast food, fashion, beverage alcohol, financial, packaged goods, drug and beauty, automotive, media and government advertisers.

Product: Transit Shelter Advertising

Description: Two-sided advertising display (4′ x 5′ 9′) forming the principal panel of a clear glass transit shelter. Rear illuminated from dusk to dawn.

Major clients: see above

Product: Superboards

Description: Horizontal display. Series 10 measures 9′ 11′ x 44′ 6′. Series 14 measures 14′ x 48′.

Major clients: automotive, entertainment, media, travel/tourism, fashion and packaged goods advertisers.

Product: Backlights

Description: Horizontal rear-illuminated panels, 24 hour a day (10′ x 20′)

Major clients: beverage alcohol, automotive, media packaged goods, travel/tourism and financial advertisers.

Product: Mall Poster Advertising

Description: Rear-illuminated vertical posters mounted behind glass (3′ 8′ x 5′).

Major clients: packaged goods, confectionery, fashion, government and beverage alcohol advertisers.

Product: Interior Airport Advertising

Description: Includes backlit po

sters, free standing posters, interactive displays, revolving cylinders, customized display spaces.

Major clients: business-to-business, airlines, travel/tourism, beverage alcohol, government and media.

Product: Exterior AirportAdvertising

Description: Horizontal posters (10′ X 20′) and backlights (10′ X 30′).

Major clients: see above.


50 Holly St.,

Toronto, ON M4S 3B3

Tel: (416) 482-9399

FAX: (416) 482-2458

John Callahan, Account Manager

Product: MediaSat Storecast Network

Description: In-store audio.

Major clients: Procter & Gamble; Kraft General Foods; Lever Bros; Warner Lambert; Canada Dry; SmithKline Beecham; Whitehall-Robins; Coca-Cola.


2171 Avenue Rd., Ste. 202,

Toronto, ON M5M 4B4

Tel: (416) 440-4000

FAX: (416) 440-4036

Richard Gartner, President

Product: Elevator advertising

Description: Single image horizontal frame measuring 13′ X 8′.

Major clients: Keg Restaurants; American Express; Domino’s Pizza; Mr. Submarine.

Metrospot Marketing

P.O. box 2003, 20 Eglinton Ave. W., Ste. 1902,

Toronto, ON M4R 1K8

Tel: (416) 322-9404

FAX: (416) 322-9405

Les Salnick, Executive Vice President

Product: Aisle Directory Advertising

Description: Two-sided, four-colour, backlit directory sign, suspended in aisles where product is sold. Five panels per side, with each panel measuring 11 1/2′ X 14′.

Major clients: Procter & Gamble; Unilever; Effem Foods; Campbell Soup Company; Kraft General Foods; Dow Brands; Nabisco Brands; Colgate Palmolive; Thomas J. Lipton; Bicks.

Moving Impressions

2330 Wycroft Rd.,

Oakville, ON L6L 6M1

Tel: (416) 825-8785

FAX: (416) 827-0234

Jeff Moore, Vice President

Product: Rolling Billboards

Description: four-colour, removable vinyl panels for trucks (8′ X 22′) and tractor trailers (8′ X 48′).

Major clients: Converse; Cantel Paging; Swiss Chalet; Slimfast.


49 Wellington St. E.,

Toronto, ON M5E 1C9

Tel: (416) 362-3009

FAX: (416) 362-6631

Michael Chesney, President

Product: Murad

Description: Hand painted advertisements painted directly onto walls of highly visible buildings.

Major clients: Coca-Cola; Warner Bros.; Subaru; Hiram Walker; Nike; Q107; Black Label; Guess Jeans; Molson.

Product: Super Banner

Description: Large scale, computer painted vinyl banner mounted onto side of building using wind-proof mounting system.

Major clients: Warner Bros.; Hiram Walker; Orion Pictures; City of Montreal; Royal Ontario Museum.

Omni, The National Poster Company

1717 Rene Levesque Blvd. E., Ste. 460,

Montreal, PQ H2L 4T3

Tel: (514) 529-6664

AX: (514) 529-0644

Claude Henri, Vice-President, General Manger

Product: Omni-Board

Description: Vertical board (12′ X 16′) in single location with high circulation.

Major clients: General Motors; Kraft; Labatt; Air Canada; Toshiba; Molson; Esprit; Looks; Evian; McDonald’s.

Publicite Metrobus

1350 Sherbrooke St. W., 3rd Floor,

Montreal, PQ H3G 1J1

Tel: (514) 842-8946

FAX: (514) 499-1119

Robert Lacas, President

Product: Bus Posters

Description: Horizontal exterior bus posters. Side panel measures 30′ X 139′. Rear panel measures 21′ X 70′.

Major clients: Mexx; Culinar; Loto-Quebec; Aldo Shoes; Bell Canada; Budget Rent-a-Car; Dunkin’ Donuts; Honda; Vins Dumont.

Product: Subway Platform Posters

Description: Horizontal posters (144′ X 66′).

Major clients: Chanel; Air France; Houbigant; Royal Bank; Quebec Liquor Board; Labatt; Molson; O’Keefe.

Product: Interior Cards – Bus and Subway

Description: Horizontal (11′ X 35′; 11′ X 70′; 11′ X 23′; 11′ X 46′); vertical (20′ X 28′).

Major clients: Molson; Montreal Expos; Seagrams; United Distillers; Budget Rent-a-Car; Culinar; Department of National Defence; Health and Welfare Canada.

Seaboard Advertising

4285 Dawson St.,

Burnaby, BC V5G 4B3

Tel: (604) 291-1229

FAX: (604) 298-2395

Scott Corbett, General Sales Manager

Product: Poster Panels

Description: 10′ X 20′ front illuminated billboards.

Major clients: McDonald’s; UTV; Campbell Soup Company.

Product: Transit Shelter Advertising

Description: 48′ X 72′ rear illuminated panels mounted in transit shelters.

Major clients: Safeway; Real Canadian Superstore; McDonald’s; Ray Ban; Eaton’s.

Product: Street Ads

Description: 48′ X 72′ rear illuminated faces on free standing pillar units.

Major clients: Molson Indy; DuMaurier Jazz Festival; Shell.

Product: Vertical Poster Panels

Description: 16′ X 12′ front illuminated panels, in the same ratio and size as a full bleed magazine ad.

Major clients: Esprit; Toshiba; CISL Radio; Molson.

Product: Backlights

Description: 10′ X 20′ rear illuminated poster panels.

Major clients: Mazda; Ford; McDonald’s; Hewlett Packard.

Product: Superflex Superboards

Description: Hand-painted or computer-generated panels, measuring 10′ X 44′.

Major clients: Nabob; Old South.

Product: Painted Bulletins

Description: Various sized, hand-painted, permanent billboards located on highways throughout B.C.

Major clients: Best Western; Embassy Suites; Fantasy Gardens.

Product: Mall Posters

Description: 60′ X 44′ rear illuminated posters located in major malls throughout B.C.

Major clients: not listed.

Product: King Posters

Description: 139′ X 30′ posters located on the sides of buses.

Major clients: McDonald’s; media; retailers.

Product: Seventy Posters

Description: 70′ X 21′ posters located on both the sides and backs of buses.

Major clients: New York Fries; Zellers; Overwaitea.

Product: Interior Transit Card

Description: Standard Card (35′ X 11′); Super Card (70′ X 11′); Single Card (23′ X 11′).

Major clients: Wrigley; Cadbury Beverages; Duracell.

Trans Ad

150 Eglinton Ave. E., Ste. 700,

Toronto, ON M4P 1E8

Tel: (416) 485-7666

FAX: (416) 483-8310

Ken Horvat, Director of Sales

Product: Exterior Bus Posters

Description: King (139′ X 30′) and Seventy (70′ X 21′) horizontal bus posters placed on the side and back of transit buses.

Major clients: CBC; Benetton; Ikea; McDonald’s; Rapidlube; Coles Book Stores.

Product: Interior Transit Cards

Description: Super (70′ X 11′) and Standard (35′ X 11′) horizontal cards placed in overhead frames above passenger seats in subway cars and buses.

Major clients: Wrigley; Duracell; Nestle; Nabisco Foods; Federal Express; Allan Candy; Ault Foods.

Product: Posters

Description: All posters found in Toronto Transit Commission and GO Stations, as well as some on subway platforms. Horizontal and vertical formats in variety of sizes.

Major clients: The Gap; Ontario Hydro; Cuba Travel Board; Tilden Rent-a-Car; Royal Ontario Museum.

Product: Vertical Cards

Description: 20′ X 28′ vertical door cards found in subway cars and on station walls.

Major clients: Eaton’s; The Bay; Seagrams; Gilbey’s.

Product: Metron

Description: Electronic news display suspended from platform ceilings.

Major clients: CBC Radio; Metro Toronto Zoo; Hospital for Sick Children.

Product: Superbuses

Description: Custom-painted buses, with full use of interior space.

Major clients: Pizza Pizza; Kentucky Fried Chicken; Ontario Lottery; Labatt; Molson; Ontario Hydro.

Urban Outdoor

890 Yonge St.,

Toronto, ON M4W 3P4

Tel: (416) 968-3900

FAX: (416) 968-3139

John Baird, Vice President, General Manager

Product: Urban-Lites

Description: 10′ X 23′ backlit posters.

Major clients: Ford; Benetton; Pepsi; United Distilleries; Ontario Milk Marketing Board; Labatt; Infiniti; Toyota.

Product: Urban Airport

Description: Exterior and interior airport advertising at Terminal 3 in Toronto. Display and backlit panels in 5 formats (Exterior backlit – 30′ X 10′; Grand Europoster – 140 3/4′ X 45 3/4′; Europoster – 105′ X 33 11/32′; Spectacular – 140′ X 70′; Vertiposter – 42′ X 60′).

Major clients: NEC; Chrysler; CIBC; Coca-Cola; Compaq; BMW; Panasonic; Northern Telecom; Canadian Airlines; American Airlines; Delta Airlines; Bell Canada; British Airways.