New York Fries puts transit, flyers to work

Toronto-based New York Fries has recently launched campaigns north and south of the border.In Canada, where the company has 55 locations, exterior transit boards slam 'generic' fries with the line: 'When we grow up we want to be New York Fries.'The...

Toronto-based New York Fries has recently launched campaigns north and south of the border.

In Canada, where the company has 55 locations, exterior transit boards slam ‘generic’ fries with the line: ‘When we grow up we want to be New York Fries.’

The fast food firm ventured into the u.s. slightly more than a year ago and now has eight locations in northern regions.

The u.s. campaign consists of flyers, coupons and tray liners proclaiming ‘Freedom from ordinary fries.’

The Chris Hughes Company of Toronto is the North American agency for New York Fries.

Fisherman’s Friend ready for the cold

the new 30-second tv spot for Fisherman’s Friend lozenges gets under way Nov. 2 in time for the cough and cold season.

In the commercial, a fisherman in sou’wester and slicker explains that the lozenge was invented ‘for us lads as went to sea in the freezing fog of the North Atlantic.’

The Beach area of Toronto doubled as the North Atlantic.

Herriott Advertising of Toronto also used footage from a series of international commercials for the product to position it as the internationally trusted lozenge.

Fisherman’s Friend was developed by Lofthouse Company in Lancashire, England in 1865.

It has been marketed outside that area for less than 30 years and is distributed in Canada by TFB & Associates of Markham, Ont.

The six-week campaign has been booked in major markets across the country, and on Vision Cable Network, and is supported by a large sampling program.

Stay Alert-Stay Safe

the stay Alert-Stay Safe organization recently launched a safety campaign with the help of Canadian Tire and the Toronto Transit Commission.

The safety posters feature the Stay Alert-Stay Safe twins, Bert and Ger, and the ttc’s safety mascot, Barney Beaver.

The cartoon characters explain the passenger assistance alarm on subway cars and identify uniformed ttc employees such as guards, fare collectors, maintenance workers and drivers as people for children to go to when they need help.

Stay Alert-Stay Safe is a registered charity founded in 1987 by Lesley Parrott and others in the community and communications industry after the abduction and murder of Parrott’s 11-year-old daughter Alison.

The group’s mandate is to develop an on-going, national streetproofing program.

Mother Nature’s gas


mohawk Oil Canada builds on its positioning as Mother Nature’s gas station with its biggest ad campaign.

The multimedia campaign’s central theme, ‘We Struck Wheat,’ focusses on ethanol’s basic component – wheat, a renewable resource.

The advertising explains that Mohawk’s ethanol-enriched fuel has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces exhaust emissions by up to 20%.

The campaign comes from Vancouver-based Palmer Jarvis Advertising, Mohawk’s agency-of-record.

It kicks off with a 30-second tv spot, followed by busboards and radio spots. Added support comes from pole signs, pump toppers and posters at each of Mohawk’s more than 250 locations.

Coke Classic ‘Lunchbox’

the latest commercial for Coke Classic has been enthusiastically received by McCann-Erickson International and Coca-Cola International, and could later also be used in the u.s.

The 60-second tv spot was produced and developed in Canada by McCann-Erickson Advertising, Toronto, for Coca-Cola Canada.

Sorab Mistry, vice-president group account director at McCann-Erickson, says Coke Classic is generally targetted to a younger audience than Diet Coke but that ‘Lunchbox’ goes after an even younger group – teens aged 14-15.

Peer pressure and the desire to be like everybody else is used to reinforce the specialness of Coke.

Johnny, new kid at school, is unsure whether he has brought a ‘cool’ lunch and is apprehensive about opening his lunchbox. One by one the ‘cool kids’ open their lunch boxes and each one contains Coke Classic.

Johnny slowly opens his box and is relieved to see his can of Coke…unfortunately his sandwich was not a trendy peanut butter one.

Trevino links with Motorola Cellular

motorola Cellular is hoping golfer Lee Trevino is as successful as an advertising spokesman in Canada as he has been in the u.s.

From now until December, Trevino will be featured in magazine ads and airport and bus shelter posters targetted at consumers in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Two creative executions carry the corporate tagline, ‘Technology that can take it.’

The campaign comes from Motorola Cellular’s North American agency, Eisaman, John & Laws in Chicago.