The Judges – Strategic

Steve Davis is vice-president of marketing and national accounts for Pepsi-Cola Canada Beverages.Davis is responsible for the entire Pepsi-Cola Canada marketing function, including brand marketing, national account sales and marketing services. He was appointed to the position in May 1991.Before that,...

Steve Davis is vice-president of marketing and national accounts for Pepsi-Cola Canada Beverages.

Davis is responsible for the entire Pepsi-Cola Canada marketing function, including brand marketing, national account sales and marketing services. He was appointed to the position in May 1991.

Before that, Davis was vice-president of national marketing and public relations at another PepsiCo. division, Pizza Hut, at its world headquarters in Wichita, Kans.

He joined Pizza Hut in 1984 as manager of new pizza marketing, and held several positions with the company during this period.

General comments:

‘A significant range of work, both in terms of categories, from fruit to film, and quality, from mundane to inspirational.’

Favorite advertising:

1. Polaroid ‘Describe it with Polaroid’ campaign – ‘Part’, ‘Fireplace’ and ‘Mint Condition’ (TV) by McKim Baker Lovick/BBDO.

2. IKEA ‘Not Everything in this Room’ campaign (TV) by Geoffrey B. Roche & Partners.

3. Foodland Ontario ‘Ontario, There’s No Place Like Home’ campaign – ‘Peaches’, ‘Apples’ and ‘Tomatoes and Cucumbers’ (TV) by SMW Advertising.

Catherine Delteil is director of marketing with Toronto-based Great Brands of Europe, manufacturer of Evian natural spring water, Kronenbourg premium imported beer and Tourtel 0.5% alcohol beer.

Delteil was appointed to this position in May.

Previously, she worked in France as marketing manager with Diepal, France’s leading baby food marketer, where she was responsible for the Bledina baby food line.

Diepal is a division of bsn, the largest French food and beverage marketer, and parent company of Evian.

From 1986-90, she worked for ski and golf equipment manufacturer Salomon, also in France.

General comments:

‘The Unitel campaign impressed me because it links advertising and direct marketing in a consistent, powerful and successful way: billboards for top-of-mind; newspaper for argumentation and `joining today’ coupon; and tv for mass media reach and call-to-action.

The message is simple, credible, specific, strong, long-lasting and convincing. All the criteria which builds success in advertising.’

Favorite advertising:

1. The Royal Ontario Museum superboard ‘Bored Stiff’ (outdoor) by Geoffrey B. Roche & Partners.

2. Experience Canada ‘A Canadian Experience’ campaign (TV) by Chiat/Day.

3. General Foods International Coffees ‘Aroma’ campaign – ‘Amaretto’, ‘Orange Cappuccino’ and ‘Suisse Mocha’ (TV) by Young & Rubicam.

Nicole Dube is director of advertising and promotional services with the Federation des producteurs de lait du Quebec (Quebec Milk Producers Federation), a position she has held since 1985.

Dube acquired her marketing and communications experience in several industries, including pay tv (Premier Choix), the retail food industry (Metro-Richelieu), and the pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacies Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix.)

Dube is past president of the Publicite-Club de Montreal, an organization in which she remains actively involved.

She is the only female member of the board of Groupe Videotron.

General comments:

‘The advertising agencies are more than ever product-oriented.

‘Their features and benefits, consumer satisfaction being a priority, have come to the forefront. Is this the avenue for years to come?’

Favorite advertising:

1. Culinar spots ‘Violence’ and ‘Nudite’ for Whippet cookies (TV) by Young & Rubicam.

2. Labatt Breweries of Canada spot ‘Bedroom’ for Labatt .5 beer (TV) by Chiat/Day.

3. Bell Canada ‘Des gens de parole’ campaign (TV) by Cossette Communication-Marketing.

Jeff Kess is national advertising manager at Toronto-based Mazda Canada.

Kess was appointed to the position in January.

Previously, he was national advertising manager for General Motors of Canada. During his career there, he held a variety of sales, marketing and advertising positions.

General comments:

‘The best creative executions reflected a simple, singularly focussed objective and delivered against it.

‘This was the result of an accurate definition of the problem – in some cases, opportunity- facing the product or brand.

‘If the problem required more than one execution or medium to arrive at a solution, this was reflected in the best campaigns.

‘That is, keep it simple on individual executions, and let the parts add up to a greater whole.

‘The clients and agencies with strong brands or products based on the established brand equity or a sound unique selling proposition were able to create the best advertising.

‘There is obviously a lot of talent out there on both the client and agency side, and my hat is off to those who `seize the moment’ through hours, weeks and months of hard work.’

Favorite advertising:

1. U.TV spot ‘Writer’s Block’ (TV) by McKim Baker Lovick/BBDO.

2. Campbell Soup spot ‘Dad Does Dinner’ (TV) by Ogilvy & Mather.

3. Leon’s Furniture spot ‘Pyramids’ (TV) by Doner Schur Peppler.

Donald Pettit is division vice-president, consumer marketing services with Vancouver-based Scott Paper, a position he has held since 1985.

Previous positions with the company include director of consumer marketing services, B.C./Alberta division manager, Toronto district manager, senior product manager, product manager and brand manager.

Pettit has worked for Scott Paper since 1961.

He was chairperson of the Association of Canadian Advertisers from 1990-92, and was vice-chairperson and director of the World Federation of Advertisers from 1989-90.

General comments:

‘I was extremely impressed with the quality of the presentations and the creativity that was in keeping with the strategic positioning of the brand, services and public awareness campaigns.

‘It was evident that all of the agencies continue to be focussed on creative excellence that delivers their clients’ much-needed objectives.

‘With very few exceptions, it was difficult to select three favorite advertisements and, as a result, I have taken the liberty of judging on the basis of a campaign.

‘I would recommend that all agencies be prepared to identify the results achieved for their clients in future competitions.’


Favorite advertising:

1. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada ‘Pizza’ campaign (TV and outdoor) by Cossette Communication-Marketing.

2. ProAction ‘Helping Police Help’ campaign (print and radio) by Geoffrey B. Roche & Partners.

3. Experience Canada ‘A Canadian Experience’ campaign (TV and print) by Chiat/Day.

Jake Scudamore is vice-president of marketing at The Sports Network (tsn).

Scudamore directs the network’s marketing department, including the client services group, affiliate relations department, public relations group, research and advertising sales.

Scudamore joined tsn in 1987 as manager of affiliate marketing and was promoted several times before his appointment to his current position in 1989.

Before joining tsn, Scudamore spent seven years with a major Canadian advertising agency supervising national accounts.

General comments:

‘Clearly, great creative comes from strong briefing documents and `open minded’ clients – a winning combination.’

Favorite advertising:

1. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada ‘Pizza’ billboard (outdoor) by Cossette Communication-Marketing.

2. The Famous Grouse Scotch whisky ‘Quotes’ campaign (print) by Doner Schur Peppler.

3. Sears Canada ‘Weekly Sale Merchandise’ campaign, especially ‘Arnold Palmer’ spot (TV) by Franklin Dallas.