Layton, BWCK sign on for EasyLine

In its on-going strategy to provide customers with easier ways to do banking, Canada Trust has introduced EasyLine, a personal banking service accessible by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Canada Trust picked two Toronto firms, Jeff Layton and...

In its on-going strategy to provide customers with easier ways to do banking, Canada Trust has introduced EasyLine, a personal banking service accessible by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Canada Trust picked two Toronto firms, Jeff Layton and Associates and bwck (Burghardt Wolowich Crunkhorn Kibble), to handle the Jan. 17 national launch of EasyLine.

Layton, a consultant providing strategic and creative counsel to clients and agencies, developed EasyLine’s theme ‘We put our service on the line.’

The line incorporates the new service as well as Canada Trust’s overall positioning of answering customer needs and service, which began in 1976 with its introduction of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. banking hours.

EasyLine gives customers access to their accounts from anywhere around the world – with either a push-button or rotary-dial phone – to pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, get a loan or mortgage, renew term deposits or buy other Canada Trust products.

The customer can also choose to be served by a live operator or a talking computer, which uses Interactive Voice Response (ivr) technology to process requests.

Three tv spots focus on the live operator service by showing the use of EasyLine in three settings: at home late at night; on a cellular phone while caught in traffic; and in the office during a busy day.

The ringing logo at the end of the spots serves to brand the service and reinforce the campaign’s image.

Newspaper ads demonstrate innovative use of space with a flexform layout that joins the diagonally placed customer and operator portions of the ad with a telephone cord.

The headline reads, ‘The easy way to avoid bank lines.’

Radio spots are expected to air in March.

Campaign credits go to Jeff Layton, creative director/art director and Bill Keenan, copywriter; and at bwck, John Burghardt, creative director; Shelley Wildeman, print art director; Sid Herberman, copywriter; and Frances Pinch, producer.

Last October, Canada Trust hired its first agency in 10 years, Doner Schur Peppler of Toronto.

Canada Trust offers personal banking services at 370 branches across Canada.

Kids Help Phone TV launch

the canadian Children’s Foundation has launched a 60-second tv spot to highlight the fact its 24-hour, confidential, toll-free help line for youth still needs support.

The three-year-old telephone service, which uses professional counsellors, handles more than 1,000 calls a day dealing with issues such as suicide, physical and sexual abuse and interpersonal conflicts.

However, the foundation says another 2,000 calls cannot get through because of busy signals.

In the spot, darkened silhouettes of children’s faces cut to a black screen with the superimposed lines: ‘She only hits me when I’m bad;’ ‘He keeps touching me;’ and, ‘How do you do suicide?’

A voiceover prefaces each super with, ‘This is not the reason to give.’

The final shot is of a girl in her dark room on the phone listening to a busy signal. The voice says, ‘This is the reason…’

The background music is a haunting ballad, The Bells of Rhymney, performed by the Oyster Band and written by Pete Seeger.

A national public awareness and fundraising campaign started late last year on more than 100 transit shelters donated by Mediacom.

Scali McCabe Sloves of Toronto is the agency behind the work. Stephen Graham, agency president, is also a director and vice-chair of Kids Help Phone.

Credits go to Gary Prouk, creative director/writer; Bill Argus, art director; Bert Bell Studios, production; and Chris Holmes, cameraman.

Bakery Council on the rise

the revised Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating released last November opened a new window of opportunity for the Bakery Council of Canada.

The council has made the Food Guide’s new recommendation to eat five to 12 servings per day of bread and other grain products the focus of its latest campaign.

More than two million four-page, full-color inserts carried the message via daily newspapers in Ontario and the Maritimes on Jan. 20.

The brochure encourages Canadians to ‘Double Up On Bread,’ and emphasizes bread’s nutritional value, that it is low in fat and cholesterol-free.

Freeman Rodgers Battaglia of Toronto created the insert, and Chairman Keith Rodgers says it was designed to dispel the myth that bread is fattening, as well as change consumers’ ideas about food and their way of eating.

Freeman Rodgers also designed the new ‘Food Guide for Health and Welfare Canada.’ The guide, first issued during the Second World War, was last revised 10 years ago.

The second part of the Bakery Council’s program was the development of the Bread is on the Rise 7-Day Meal Plan, and a month-long public relations campaign put together by Nutrition Directions, a unit of frb.

Distillers, LCBO promo

united Distillers Canada and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (lcbo) are inviting customers to ‘Discover Scotland’s Pride’ during February.

The ‘Pride’ is Scotland’s most famous export, the water of life – Scotch whiskey. Annual sales of the potable are more than 900 million bottles worldwide.

Displays are in many of the 612 lcbo locations, with Scotch tastings at 25 selected full-service outlets in Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto.

The promotion includes a contest giveaway of a trip to Scotland, video presentations of ‘The Blender’s Art,’ and ‘The Johnnie Walker Story,’ and cooking demonstrations featuring uses for Johnnie Walker Red Label.

The Globe & Mail newspaper ads, a whiskey information booklet, and point-of-sale material were all created by Blouin Coulombe Dube Thompson of Montreal.

United Distillers, the spirits company of British-based Guinness PLC, produces Scotch brands Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Bell’s, Dewar’s and Cardhu single malt.