new campaigns Country Crock launch

'Good Things From The Country' is the theme of the new Canada-only campaign for Country Crock margarine brand from Monarch Fine Foods, Division of Unilever Canada.The campaign, called 'Line Art,' was created by the brand's international agency, Stone & Simons of...

‘Good Things From The Country’ is the theme of the new Canada-only campaign for Country Crock margarine brand from Monarch Fine Foods, Division of Unilever Canada.

The campaign, called ‘Line Art,’ was created by the brand’s international agency, Stone & Simons of Southfield, Mich.

The line art world of the package’s ‘country’ illustration serves as the backdrop for two live-action, 30-second tv commercials.

The same ‘Line Art’ is used nationally in full-page consumer magazine ads, direct and in-store material.

Howard Dembs, of Stone & Simons, says that, with some subtle changes, u.s. creative has been used in Canada from the product’s introduction in 1985 to the launch of the new campaign.

Dembs says the difference in consumer desires, and the difference in marketplace competition prompted the creation of a Canada-only strategy.

u.s. advertising for Country Crock concentrates on its good taste, while Canadian copy has stressed the health benefits of the low-fat, calorie-reduced margarine.

Pepsi-Cola kick-off

pepsi-Cola Canada used the Super Bowl broadcast Jan. 31 to kick off new products as well as a new positioning for its Pepsi-Cola flagship brand.

The ad campaigns for Crystal Pepsi and Diet Crystal Pepsi, new clear caffeine-free colas with natural flavorings, were launched with 30-second spots created to be fresh, current and in touch with today’s attitudes.

The theme, ‘You’ve Never Seen a Taste Like This’ is set to Van Halen’s 1992 music hit Right Now, using visuals similar to the music video associated with the song.

Youth also seems to be the key in the new positioning for Pepsi.

The slogan, ‘Be Young. Have Fun. Drink Pepsi,’ is directed to all who are young at heart.

The 60-second tv spots feature high energy visuals. ‘That’s Life’ charts the life of a young boy in front of a Pepsi vending machine through school and marriage, from Pepsi to prune juice, and, finally, to retirement in Miami, where he buys some white shoes and complains about the government full time.

‘How You’ll Spend Your Life’ is a recitation of the life schedule of an average person: 24.5 years sleeping, 13.5 years at work, 2.4 years in the bathroom and only ’5.1 months for pure, unadulterated, mindless fun.’

The campaign was created by BBDO Worldwide, New York. J. Walter Thompson is Pepsi’s Canadian agency.

Multimedia at the Metro Zoo

the zoological Society of Metropolitan Toronto is installing a multimedia project at the Metro Zoo this spring.

Its purpose is to educate visitors about endangered species and the work of the Zoological Society.

Those interested in the society will be able to leave their names and addresses in the system to be retrieved later for follow up.

Ultimately, this program may be installed in other major public areas and be used in conjunction with fundraising activities.

Multimedia is the computer-based integration of graphics, animation, video, sound and text. For the large consumer market, the program will be expanded to contain footage of animals in their habitats.

The program was designed and created for the Zoological Society by Glenn Parsons, the multimedia expert at Bulldog Communications of Toronto.