Campaign capitalizes on executives’ driving time

Urban Outdoor Trans AdThis proposal will provide Executive Airlines with a well-targetted, highly innovative media approach for 1993.It works with several of the available media and integrates the program for maximum impact.It will not address media weight or costs, but will...

Urban Outdoor Trans Ad

This proposal will provide Executive Airlines with a well-targetted, highly innovative media approach for 1993.

It works with several of the available media and integrates the program for maximum impact.

It will not address media weight or costs, but will focus on the strategic concept most suited for Executive Airlines.

Executive Airlines is targetting the Business Traveller.

This is an elusive audience, which comprises less than 7% of the Canadian 18+ population.

Demographically, they can be defined as (see chart below):

Their media consumption habits are as specialized as the demographic profile.

They are much more likely than the average Canadian to be heavily exposed to out-of-home advertising due to their much higher than average in-town driving habits (over 47% drive in excess of 101 in-town miles weekly); to magazine advertising (almost 42% of this group read more than five magazines a month) and to newspaper advertising (they are 26% more likely than the average population to read the newspaper on a daily basis.)

Because the target audience is small, the media used to reach the group must be:

- effective

- able to offer a benefit or reason to pay attention

- able to limit wasted messages

The recommendation

We recommend a three-tiered strategy which supports various aspects of Executive Airlines’ business.

A combination of display and signage, Urban-lites and exterior bus posters will deliver well-targetted coverage of the business traveller and can be used to communicate key elements of the airline’s strategic plan.

Display space at Pearson International Airport’s Terminal Three, Canada’s newest terminal, will provide the chance to showcase Executive Airlines’ competitive advantages.

Features of the aircraft such as the business class seating can be displayed or a personal demonstration of the aircraft can be conducted by an attendant.

Signage inside and outside the facility will support the display space and the airline as close to point-of-purchase as can be achieved.

Toronto’s Go Train Station at Union Station provides another opportunity for display space.

More than 90,000 commuters use this facility each day and the demographic of the user mirrors that of the business traveller profile.

A display which replicates the interior of the aircraft can feature facilities such as on-board fax machines and cellular phones.

Demographic PopulaTion Business Index

(%) traveller (%)

Male 48.6 71.9 148

Aged 25-49 52.7 78.0 148

Educ. University+ 31.4 70.0 222

MOPEs* 14.8 60.6 409

Hs’hld Inc. $50M+ 34.4 70.0 203

Source: PMB 92 Base Total Cda. 18+

*All Managers, Owners, Professionals, Executives

Urban-lites, Canada’s national network of rear-illuminated posters, can be used in the urban core of Canada’s business centres where the target is most likely reached.

Location-specific units can be used to blanket the business community in each market.

The rear-illuminated characteristics of the medium will ensure high visibility and maximum impact – both critical attributes when communicating to the business traveller.

Creatively, this medium will best support a long-term program or communication such as the frequent flyer program.

Exterior bus posters are an ideal support for a time-sensitive message such as price-point advertising.

Moving geographically throughout the cma and into the particularly important residential areas, bus poster advertising will reach the business traveller while he or she is driving home and to work.

Members of the business traveller group have indicated they drive an average of 180 miles, in-town, on a weekly basis, so the extensive coverage provided by bus posters will work to extreme advantage against this group.

Creatively, bus posters can offer a ‘space extension’ called Contravision decals.

These are transparent decals which extend beyond the frame of the traditional bus poster to the window area.

Passengers inside the bus see through the decal, but the image becomes an integral part of the creative execution from outside the bus.


Urban Outdoor Trans Ad can offer Executive Airlines a balanced and strategic approach to reaching the business traveller.

As marketing agents for Trillium Terminal Three at Pearson, we know Executive Airlines’ business and its audience.

We are familiar with the interests and needs of this hard-to-reach group.

We are confident our media package of Terminal Three and Go Station display, in combination with complementary in-town media of Urban-lites and Bus Posters, will achieve the client’s objective of breakthrough communication with efficiency.

Urban Outdoor Trans Ad is a Toronto-based company that supplies out-of-home advertising.