Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure contest

Screen d'Or Outd'Or Adventure is an integrated promotion which leverages Screen d'Or's budget to raise awareness, generate measurable product trial and increase sales.Reinforces product's personalityMariposa sees Screen d'Or as a grassroots-type product that builds sales from the ground up, like Miss...

Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure is an integrated promotion which leverages Screen d’Or’s budget to raise awareness, generate measurable product trial and increase sales.

Reinforces product’s personality

Mariposa sees Screen d’Or as a grassroots-type product that builds sales from the ground up, like Miss Vickie’s potato chips or Muskol insect repellent.

This promotion creates similar consumer identification and loyalty.

Screen d’Or buyers seek fun and excitement, whether outdoors or from a sales promotion.

They also appreciate value, plus useful information to help them spend their precious outdoor time wisely.

Consumer promotion

1. Teaser campaign:

Consists of danglers and posters displayed in pharmacies, department stores, next to payphones, on bulletin boards and elsewhere.

Teaser reads: ‘Made your Outd’Or Adventure call yet? 1-800-555-1234.’

People dial the toll-free number, listen to a recorded message about Screen d’Or, then record their name, address and phone number.

They are mailed a product sample, plus the outdoor booklet. A database of callers is established for future use.

2. ‘Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure’ contest:

The grand prize is an outdoor adventure, such as hiking in the Himalayas; mountain biking in the Andes; sailboarding in Hawaii; hot air ballooning in California’s Napa Valley; or golfing at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Secondary prizes include top-of-the-line sunglasses, hiking boots or backpacks.

Prizes are provided by a participating sponsor.

After buying Screen d’Or, consumers dial a toll-free phone number, record their name, address and phone, then key in the code number printed on the bottle (inside the tamper-proof wrapper.)

A computer captures this information and randomly selects winners from the phoned-in entries on a specified date.

Winners select the prize that suits them best.

3. Point-of-sale material:

Consists of a package flash, plus in-store display, or ad pad offering free booklet.

Display header card reads: ‘Win a Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure!’

4. Outdoor booklet:

Header card includes a pocket holder containing free booklets.

To help buyers enjoy the summer of 1993, the eight-page booklet, ‘Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure Guide to Summer: 93 ways to make your summer!’ contains:

- Listings of sports races, facilities, instruction programs, unique sights, barbecuing tips, equipment maintenance tips and Screen d’Or information.

- Tear-out coupons from whitewater rafting companies, wilderness outfitters, ski hills, pro shops, bike dealers, etc.

- Wallet-sized reference card with phone numbers of Tourism Ontario, provincial parks, city tourism offices, weather hotlines and auto clubs.

- $1-off product coupon on 50-millilitre size.

Together, the teaser campaign, adventure contest and information booklet stimulate product trial, while adding excitement, information and value to the Screen d’Or purchase.

Trade promotion

1.Hanging display:

Attention-getting, oversized model of Screen d’Or bottle, with dangler card, reading: ‘Win a Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure!’

2. Display incentive:

To promote incremental product-display activity, buyers placing medium-sized orders receive a ‘Screen d’Or Outd’Or Adventure Kit’ consisting of Screen d’Or T-shirt, towel and product.

Large-order buyers receive top-of-the-line hiking shoes, golf equipment or ski lift tickets.

3. Consumer booklet (pharmacies only):

Provide pharmacists with a supply of consumer booklets on safe suntanning, and the sun’s role in healthy living plus information on Screen d’Or product composition and benefits.

Salesforce promotion

1. Sales meeting/trade presenter video:

Five-minute video of enthusiastic Screen d’Or users from various sports praising the product, plus a dermatologist discussing product safety and efficacy.

Also used as a selling tool in major trade presentations.

2. Salesforce incentive:

A reward program, driven by sales volume or number of displays installed. Top achievers win an adventure trip.

3. Screen d’Or apparel:

To maintain product awareness and enthusiasm, sales reps receive an attractive Screen d’Or windbreaker and cap at spring sales meeting.

‘Influencer’ promotion

In sports like mountain-biking, skiing, sailboarding and tennis, sports-shop sales and repair staff, instructors and racers can strongly influence a user’s product choices.

Informal ‘endorsement’ of Screen d’Or from such opinion leaders can significantly drive sales and build a product’s reputation and mythology.

1. Influencer kit:

Mail explanatory cover letter, product samples and 1-800 teaser campaign materials to these experts.

2. Media promotion:

Conduct a modest media relations campaign (news release explaining consumer promotion, product sample) to sport/outdoor trade media seeking editorial mention of product.

Send product sample to news media personalities, to enhance general buzz.

Approach radio stations about cross-promotion and product trial opportunities using their spotter’s vehicles, or on-air contests.

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