The SunCare Squad hits prime locations

Suncare protection has become a major issue this past year.Ozone depletion and Environment Canada's uv index received a lot of media and public attention.Communication efforts for Screen d'Or in 1993 must therefore be cognizant of recent media trends and will need...

Suncare protection has become a major issue this past year.

Ozone depletion and Environment Canada’s uv index received a lot of media and public attention.

Communication efforts for Screen d’Or in 1993 must therefore be cognizant of recent media trends and will need to straddle both spectra of the market.

Screen d’Or will be positioned to appeal to consumers who want protection from the sun and to those who want a product for suntanning.


- To position Screen d’Or as a responsible corporate citizen and leader in helping the consumer learn about proper suncare.

- To maintain Screen d’Or’s image as the leader in the suncare market, appealing to mainstream suncare product users.

- To effectively generate trial of Screen d’Or to key target audiences.

In order to meet the stated objectives, two key strategies/ sales promotion programs are recommended for the brand:

1. The focal point of the 1993 sales promotion program will be the formation of the Screen d’Or SunCare Squad, who will meet, talk to, and provide samples to consumers at prime locations throughout the key May-August period.

Six squads could be scheduled regionally around the province.

The SunCare Squad will directly target consumers, induce trial, and generate retail traffic.

2. The squad will also provide a point of differentiation for the brand in the saturated suncare category by contributing to a community environmental project through a donation with purchase program – Screen d’Or would donate 50 cents from each purchase.

Current research (Market Vision: Toward 2000 study, Jan. ’93) shows consumers do buy products based on companies responding to issues important to them. Community/environmental issues rate in the top five.


It is recommended that a SunCare Squad be assembled as the primary tactic for the following reasons:

- To generate awareness at summer hotspots and events.

- To encourage trial.

- To drive retail sales through coupon and donation.

The SunCare Squad would consist of six squads of young adults, aged 18+, wearing branded uniforms including a T-shirt, shorts and baseball cap with foreign legion flap.

Each team would be equipped with bicycle-like carts with branded umbrellas that would contain product sample dispensers and information brochures with coupon to be redeemed at retail, plus a portable uv meter.

In order to position Screen d’Or as a favorite among the general public, it is necessary to keep the brand name top-of-mind among consumers throughout the summer.

Hitting consumers where they play is a sure way to gain positive public awareness about the need for proper suncare at all times.

A launch weekend event could be planned for the May 24 long weekend in conjunction with local media at six sites in Ontario where Screen d’Or promotion items are given away with samples of the product.

A Screen d’Or SunCare kit could be developed for giveaways on-air at host radio stations.

The kit would consist of a packsack, towel, hat, sunglasses and a summer supply of Screen d’Or.

Information brochure/coupon

An easy-to-read information brochure would be used as a key tool by the SunCare Squad when at hotspots. The brochure would consist of information on the following:

- How a sunscreen works.

- Ingredient fact sheet.

- How to use the sun protection factor (spf) system

- A definition of uv radiation and a description of the difference between uva and uvb rays.

- the environmental issue/ choice of charity.

- A perforated cents-off coupon to be redeemed at retail.

Community effort

A partnership would be forged with a community-based environment-conscious group.

In return for a donation per purchase, Screen d’Or is branded as a corporate sponsor on all materials.

The consumer will benefit from the cents-off coupon as well as the community cause.

The rationale for each element of the program is as follows:


- highly visible

- promotes education and awareness of sun issues

- appearance at hotspots supports fun brand positioning

- induces trial


- educational

- drives retail traffic


- community-minded

- issues oriented/relevant

- provides point-of-differentiation

- good media platform for editorial


A full budget breakdown to be provided upon approval to move to stage two. The budget falls within a $250,000 limit.

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