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Scholl focusses on T.O.U.K.-based Scholl, which operates the 24-store Scholl Footcare Centres chain in Canada, has shifted the top management post for the enterprise to Toronto from the u.k.Claude M. Church, formerly general manager for Brown Shoe of Canada, Naturalizer division,...

Scholl focusses on T.O.

U.K.-based Scholl, which operates the 24-store Scholl Footcare Centres chain in Canada, has shifted the top management post for the enterprise to Toronto from the u.k.

Claude M. Church, formerly general manager for Brown Shoe of Canada, Naturalizer division, has been named Scholl Footcare’s new vice-president and general manager.

The appointment was announced Feb. 3.

Scholl Footwear, which specializes in comfort- and health-oriented footwear for women, carries a broad line of Scholl-branded shoes.

Church says the company is in an expansion mode, explaining a new outlet was opened in Montreal in January, and new outlets are planned for Quebec City, Calgary and Vancouver.

Meanwhile, the Scholl’s Classic Exercise Sandal, a wooden sandal introduced in 1961, is beginning to experience increased sales thanks to the recent revival in 1960s- and ’70s-era clothing fashions.

Church says he has no idea how much of a comeback the sandal will make, but he notes that if the sudden surge of interest by fashion editorialists is any indication, ‘it should be amazing.’

Scholl’s ad agency is Smith/Malek Advertising Group of Ottawa.

Cineplex buys RIO

cineplex Odeon of Toronto has taken an exploratory first step into the emerging world of high-tech, out-of-home entertainment.

On Feb. 7, the Toronto-based Cineplex, in partnership with Washington, d.c. businessmen Ted and Jim Pedas, bought rio at Washington Centre, a 198,000-square-foot entertainment and retail centre in Gaighbersburg, Md.

Howard Lichtman, Cineplex’s executive vice-president, marketing and communications, says the company will use the complex to test such entertainment concepts as virtual reality games, simulator rides and interactive film, in which audience members control the direction of the plot.

Cineplex already operates eight movie screens at the site and plans to add six more.

Other tenants include a fitness club, food outlets and a family amusement centre.

Lichtman says the concept of high tech leisure entertainment is still in its infancy, but adds, ‘I believe there will be some forms of location-based entertainment that will attract the masses.’

Lewiscraft expands

scarborough, Ont.-based Lewiscraft has announced that its third superstore-format arts and crafts outlet will open sometime in late August.

The new store, located in Mississauga, Ont, joins two other Lewiscraft superstores, one in North York, Ont. and the other in Scarborough, Ont.

In 1993, responding to the news that Michaels of Canada intended to import the arts and crafts superstore concept into Canada, Lewiscraft announced plans to open 20 superstores across the country.

Intel launches products

intel has unveiled a new line of personal conferencing products that enable remote users to work together simultaneously on documents, spreadsheets and other applications.

The Intel ProShare Personal Conferencing products will also allow users to see each other using video conferencing software.

Three Canadian firms, Ottawa-based Stentor, Northern Telecom of Mississauga, Ont. and SMART Technologies of Calgary are among 27 companies that have announced their support for the products.

Stentor is interested in developing and marketing ProShare products, Northern Telecom plans to integrate elements of the new products into future releases of its visit multimedia communications system; and Smart, which develops computer and telecommunications technologies for meetings and training purposes, has signed an agreement to develop data conferencing software.

Resource service opens

a resource centre has been formed in Toronto to provide companies with information on how to market to – or employ- the one-in-six Canadians with a disability.

Access Place is a 8,000-square-foot facility that will try to meet the needs of companies in a number of key areas. These include:

- providing an advertising or editorial forum for marketers with products and services, targetting people with disabilities, their families and supporting organizations.

- aiding manufacturers or technology developers in testing or adapting products for use by customers with various disabilities.

The leading private sector sponsors behind the new centre are IBM Canada, Herman Miller Canada and Dunlop Farrow Architects.

Air Canada dropping first class

air Canada has announced that after research into the needs of its customers first class service will be phased out on international flights.

Replacing first class will be a reworked business class offering additional leg space and a number of upgrades to the amenities, seat service and design features.

The new service will begin appearing in early May, with the existing first class service disappearing fully in four months.

Air Canada says the redesign is intended to provide travellers with greater value.

The company claims ticket prices for the new service will not rise above current business class rates.