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Radio promotion of a 1-800 numberThe task is twofold:- To introduce existing policyholders to the Body Guard product and entice them to use it.- To use the Body Guard product as a sales incentive to sign up new life insurance policyholders.This...

Radio promotion of a 1-800 number

The task is twofold:

- To introduce existing policyholders to the Body Guard product and entice them to use it.

- To use the Body Guard product as a sales incentive to sign up new life insurance policyholders.

This task is the more complex of the two, given that Body Guard does not provide for an immediate payback to prospects.

In other words, the program as constituted requires a prospect to buy a life insurance policy before he or she can gain access to the Body Guard program.

Communications strategies for existing policyholders

1. The Body Guard product can be effectively launched by means of a personalized mailing to all policyholders. This mailing should provide detailed information about Body Guard and invite recipients to call in.

2. Before and during the Florida travelling season, the company should provide supplemental reminder mailings to the policyholders.

These could take the form of Florida travel tips – a generic form of the Body Guard package.

We would recommend that such mailings be sorted in two ways.

First, that mailings be customized to reflect policyholders’ lifestages.

For instance, tips for travelling with children would be sent to policyholders with children, while retirees would get a different package of information.

We believe this personalized information approach would not only promote Body Guard, but also be seen by policyholders as an added value in and of itself.

Secondly, the top 20% of policyholders should receive more frequent mailings.

The company might consider personally contacting the top 5% or 10% of policyholders.

Communications strategies for new policy development

We believe the Body Guard program can serve as a powerful sales lead generation tool.

Here are six strategies to effectively accomplish this.

1. Establish a 1-800 number.

Promote Body Guard and the telephone number on leading targetted radio stations in high prospect markets. Use station celebrities to add credibility to, and endorsement of, the product.

Insist upon editorial coverage of this unique concept. Consider compensating the radio stations on a per enquiry basis.

Prospects who call the 1-800 number are entitled to receive a complimentary Body Guard kit.

However, to do so, they will need to provide some personal data in order to customize the kit.

Through this process, the insurance company will receive an excellent prospect profile and possibly permission to have an agent call.

2. Establish a relationship with a company such as Avon.

This company is well-respected and community-oriented.

The promotion vehicle is the Avon Cares brochure which is distributed by Avon sales reps and through ywcas.

Our goal would be to distribute Body Guard information pieces as a public service in conjunction with the Avon brochure.

Recipients could send these in for a complimentary Body Guard kit. By doing so, they would provide excellent information for lead follow-up.

3. Establish relationships with travel agencies.

The travel agents would include a Body Guard information piece and offer of a complimentary kit with all Florida destination airline tickets.

4. Establish a relationship with Florida Tourism offices.

Body Guard would be promoted in information kits requested by Canadians as well as in target market newspaper supplements that run in advance of the Florida migration season.

5. Establish a relationship with the Canadian Automobile Association.

This would include advertising Body Guard in Leisureways. The caa could also distribute Body Guard information as part of its travel planning service.

6. Our research tells us that fitness is becoming an increasing priority for the aging population.

It also seems logical that fit and healthy life insurance policyholders are the best kind to have.

To this end, we would recommend associating with appropriately targetted magazines.

Also, we would recommend getting the message into community centres and sports facilities.


These are but a few of the many ways that Body Guard can be used to build and maintain the business.

There are, however, two common elements to all the ideas.

The first is the concept of relationship marketing.

By finding partners who can benefit from the association with Body Guard, we can leverage the value of the communication.

The second is the opportunity for well-qualified lead generation.

We believe that every dollar spent must do more than just create awareness.

Jeff Osborne is group vice-president at Media Buying Services in Toronto.