Package Designer Of The Year: Ken Koo Creative Group

Product: Dairyland, Nu-Maid and Alpha dairy productsClient: Dairyworld FoodsPackage design firm: Ken Koo Creative GroupThe challenge:The decision facing Vancouver-based Dairyworld Foods during the merger of Nu-Maid, Alpha and Dairyland dairies was 'What is going to be the flagship brand for our...

Product: Dairyland, Nu-Maid and Alpha dairy products

Client: Dairyworld Foods

Package design firm: Ken Koo Creative Group

The challenge:

The decision facing Vancouver-based Dairyworld Foods during the merger of Nu-Maid, Alpha and Dairyland dairies was ‘What is going to be the flagship brand for our company?’

Research studies clearly identified Dairyland as the brand that best communicated tradition, quality and trust – core Western values.

The design solution:

The first step in the evolution of Dairyland as the flagship brand was the introduction of common graphics to the Nu-Maid, Alpha and Dairyland milk cartons.

Over the next few months, Dairyland will gradually replace Nu-Maid and Alpha brand products such as cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream.

As consumer acceptance of Dairyland grows, they will gradually evolve to a single brand in all markets.

The new design, featuring a ‘homey’ woodblock-style illustration of a dairy cow in a pasture, was first introduced to b.c. grocery shoppers in May on the Dairyland label.

The new graphics will then appear on Nu-Maid and Alpha milk cartons in Alberta, and then will evolve to a single brand, Dairyland, in all markets.

The illustration gives an old-fashioned feeling to the products, but also communicates a clean, friendly and definitely contemporary look.

The Dairyland name stands for quality and the new packaging personifies this commitment.

Product: Cape Vineyards South African Wines

Client: Calona Wines (a division of International Potter Distilling)

Package Design Firm: Ken Koo Creative Group


South African wines have not been available in b.c. for the last 10 years.

They are to be reintroduced into the provincial liquor stores as well as privately-owned beer and wine stores.

The challenge:

With all of the South African wines being launched at the same time, there will be a great deal of attention paid to the category.

The challenge is to create memorable packaging that will stand apart from other products in the category.

The design solution:

Research of the competitive environment showed the majority of the packaging featured a rather traditional, formal look to their labelling. It was decided that a colorful, upbeat and non-traditional look to the labels would separate the Cape Vineyards products from others in the category.

The final design features images of South African animals executed in vibrantly colored oil paintings.

The finished product serves to set the Cape Vineyards products apart from the rest of the South African section and has been successful in initiating trial of these products.

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Product: Clearly Canadian

in cans

Client: Clearly Canadian Beverage

Package design firm:

Ken Koo Creative Group

The challenge:

Since being introduced in 1987-88, Clearly Canadian had marketed its Canadian fruit-flavored spring waters in a distinctive blue bottle.

The award-winning bottle created a new category of beverages. However, a large sales opportunity could not be serviced – the vending market.

Institutions such as schools, hospitals and airlines require cans for their locations.

The design solution:

We felt that a silver fluted can carried through the clean feeling of Clearly Canadian.

The challenge for our design team was to create a premium look and excitement within the limitation of four mechanical colors and a can of fixed shape and size.

The design features a tactile can with a bright graphic color to indicate the flavors, a mat and gloss silver to give the illusion of a ‘subtle wave,’ and a combination classic and funky typeface.

The result is a clean, classic, but fun can design that is unique to Clearly Canadian.