Package Designer Of The Year: Shikatani Lacroix Design

Product: LypsylClient: Chesebrough-Pond's CanadaPackage design firm: Shikatani Lacroix DesignBackground:The Lypsyl brand is one of Canada's leading brands of wax-based lip balm.The cost savings opportunities of using a smaller backer card prompted Chesebrough-Pond's to challenge Shikatani Lacroix Design to develop design solutions...

Product: Lypsyl

Client: Chesebrough-Pond’s Canada

Package design firm: Shikatani Lacroix Design


The Lypsyl brand is one of Canada’s leading brands of wax-based lip balm.

The cost savings opportunities of using a smaller backer card prompted Chesebrough-Pond’s to challenge Shikatani Lacroix Design to develop design solutions that would help increase Lypsyl’s existing market share.

The initial stage of the new redesign program identified three major opportunities to improve sales: through updating the brand image, through creating superior shelf impact versus competitor Chapstick and by creating a user-friendly attitude for the product, thus reducing reliance on price competition.

The challenge:

The image of Lypsyl was seen as becoming dated.

Lypsyl is not supported by advertising. The packaging must gain presence through shelf/counter impact with the individual package and merchandising displays.

Lypsyl was positioned, based on price, at the lower end of the market.

The objectives were to maintain or improve differentiation between the three available flavors – regular, cherry and mint – and to develop a common merchandise display to create additional production savings.

In order to increase existing share in the marketplace and to reduce Lypsyl’s vulnerability to competitive price action, Chesebrough-Pond’s and Shikatani Lacroix developed the following brand positioning and packaging objectives:

- Position Lypsyl as a trusted, all-purpose lip balm for teenagers and adults with a sporty, athletic attitude towards life.

- Create an up-to-date and quality feel that will encourage trust in the protective and therapeutic abilities of the product.

- Create a strong shelf presence at retail and a strong visual point of difference from Chapstick and other competitors.

- Design a merchandising display that visually works with all three flavor versions of the product.

The design solution:

- Expand upon equity of the Lypsyl logo (established 20 years ago) by increasing prominence on individual packages and merchandising display.

- Create strong color versioning to increase impulse interest in the complete merchandising display.

- Use gradations to increase shelf and quality perception impact.

- Introduce ‘grid’ elements to increase consumers’ perception of the product as protective and therapeutic.

- Highlight the safety seal to enforce trust message.

The result:

Products were launched to the trade in May.

Sales figures are not yet available, however, preliminary reaction from the trade and salesforce is positive.

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Product: Tetley Iced Tea

Client: Lyons-Tetley

Package design firm: Shikatani Lacroix Design


Iced tea products in the cold beverage category have undergone a dramatic explosion in popularity in recent years.

Although Tetley is the No. 1 brand of hot tea in North America, the company had not tried to aggressively leverage this leadership position within the iced tea category.

Tetley has achieved its hot tea market leadership by being an innovative and aggressive marketer primarily in the multi-serve, grocery distribution chain.

In an effort to better compete in the single-serve category (growth strategy) while providing a strong brand presence in the multi-serve segment (defensive strategy), Tetley and Shikatani Lacroix Design embarked on a major brand repositioning.

The challenge:

While Tetley was successful in targetting mothers with children, Tetley Iced Tea had little equity in the growing single-serve convenience category consisting of teens and young adults.

The existing Tetley Iced Tea packaging was communicating quality via the Tetley name, but was not communicating key values synonymous with the category, namely: refreshment, great taste, natural and fun.

The brand was perceived by consumers as being less innovative than the competition – Nestea, Lipton and Snapple.

The shelf impact of the existing packaging was not differentiating Tetley Iced Tea from competitive iced tea products.

As well, support from grocery and convenience store retailers was poor.

In order to invigorate Tetley Iced Tea in the marketplace, Tetley and Shikatani Lacroix Design developed the following packaging objectives:

- Position Tetley Iced Tea as a refreshing, all-natural, clear iced tea product. The product formulation was changed and new flavors introduced to ensure this position was reflected in the actual product.

- Create a clear, visual point of difference from competitors and create strong shelf impact at retail.

- Reinforce Tetley brand equity to communicate quality.

- Communicate the natural and quality aspect of the product and provide clear flavor differentiation.

- Create a strong family brand image to cover a wide range of customer profiles and package formats (6L, 5L, 2L, 500mL, 341mL cans, 250mL Tetrapaks and 473mL glass bottle.)

The design solution:

A flavor rondelle was introduced to differentiate between raspberry, lemon and peach flavors. The rondelle also became the carrying element for the Tetley name, relevant flavor copy, and the illustrated fruit flavor icons.

An illustrated country scene was used to further reinforce the wholesome and all-natural aspect of the brand.

Illustrated water droplets were used to reinforce the refreshment aspect of the product.

An ice texture was added to the 5L and 6L multi-serve packages to suggest ideal product use and reinforce communication of refreshment.

The Tetley name was featured prominently to capitalize on name equity.

The results:

Tetley has received national listing in previously non-supportive retailers (for example, Loblaws) and new channels of distribution (convenience stores.)

Product sell-in has greatly exceeded last year’s same-month results.

Sales have exceeded all ‘best-case’ projections.

Canadian success has prompted Tetley to plan product launch (July 1994) in Europe and the u.s. with the same graphics.

Product: Labatt Ice Beer

Client: Labatt Breweries of Canada

Package design firm: Shikatani Lacroix Design


After 10 years of developing the Ice Brewing process, Labatt Breweries of Canada presented Ice Beer to Canadians and the world for the first time.

This revolutionary brewing process was designed to allow Labatt to satisfy growing consumer demand for a stronger, more robust beer without sacrificing smoothness and drinkability.

Labatt required a design that would attract immediate attention and inspire Canadian beer drinkers to notice Ice and try it.

The challenge:

Ice Beer was a revolutionary new segment in the beer category.

The new product would require an image that was radically different from any other product in the marketplace.

The graphics would have to be easily leveraged into advertising and other promotional efforts.

Consumers would require information to help understand what Ice Brewing was and why only Labatt was capable of producing Ice Beer.

Labatt Ice Beer was intended to appeal to young male beer drinkers and people interested in different beer products.

In order to capitalize upon the creation and introduction of a segment in the beer industry, Labatt and Shikatani Lacroix developed the following brand positioning and packaging objectives:

- Position Labatt Ice Beer as a revolutionary beer for sophisticated, younger beer drinkers and those who were interested in home brewing.

- Create a premium feel for the product.

- Develop an icon and signature that is distinctive in the marketplace.

- Develop a packaging system for all formats that provided in-hand value and was congruent with the self-image of the target market.

The design solution:

Shikatani Lacroix developed a simple, yet powerful, Ice Beer icon.

Black and silver are timeless colors that are exceptionally popular in the ’90s among sports fans. These colors were selected to generate instant excitement in the marketplace.

Gradations reinforce the communication of ice cold refreshment.

Silver and gold communicate the premium quality of the product.

The result:

Labatt Ice Beer vaulted, almost overnight, into having the third-largest brand market share in the Canadian beer category and outsold Canadian Ice filtered three-to-one.

Labatt Ice Beer has been launched in the u.k. with graphics virtually unchanged when compared with Shikatani Lacroix’s design.

The Ice beer graphics and colors have been widely imitated in Canada and the u.s.

Sales of Labatt Ice Beer have remained strong and the brand still occupies its high position in the Canadian beer market.