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Strategy asked a cross-section of sampling and couponing companies to describe a new product or service they are offering to marketers. We got the following responses:Brand Share ImpactDescription: Netmedia Enterprises has been distributing product samples to targetted homes for more than...

Strategy asked a cross-section of sampling and couponing companies to describe a new product or service they are offering to marketers. We got the following responses:

Brand Share Impact

Description: Netmedia Enterprises has been distributing product samples to targetted homes for more than 10 years

Brand Share Impact is post-delivery research available through a partnership with Netmedia and A.C. Nielsen that measures the impact of free sample delivery into targetted neighborhoods.

Netmedia will isolate the area getting the sample from areas not getting the sample. Brand share movement will be measured after the drop, against the test and non-test areas.

Clients: (not supplied)

Marketing application: Kraft General Foods used the program to measure conversion of coffee drinkers.

Contact: Scott Lawrence, Netmedia Enterprises, 6725 Millcreek Dr., Mississauga, Ont. L5N 5V3. Tel: (905) 826-8200 FAX: (905) 826-8201.

Checkout Advantage

Description: The Checkout Advantage program allows packaged goods marketers to place coupons directly into the hands of grocery store patrons via full-color printing on their cash register receipt.

Use of the cash register offers marketers assured distribution to every customer and the ability to target specific regions or chains.

Clients: Master Choice; Ryvita; Tropicana; J.M. Schneider.

Marketing application: Ryvita Snackbreads used this vehicle to increase awareness of its product in newly listed chains. It was also used to support the product with existing accounts.

Contact: Robert Tanner, NCC Promotions, 425 Britannia Rd., Ste. 124, Mississauga, Ont. L4Z 3E7. Tel: (905) 507-2850. FAX: (905) 507-2852.


Description: Face-to-Face is a demonstration/communication vehicle that uses high traffic common areas in shopping centres.

Up to 40 shopping centres can be made available in major markets in Canada, and up to 50,000 consumers can be intercepted during a weekend per location. Programs can be executed locally and regionally.

Teams of trained demonstrators in uniforms are strategically positioned at customized exhibit booths to explain a product’s features.

Coupons can be distributed by demonstrators to accelerate conversion from trial to purchase at retailers in the mall.

Clients: Colgate-Palmolive; Cantel; Procter & Gamble.

Marketing application: Colgate used the program to demonstrate its Precision toothbrush.

Contact: George Evans, Instore Focus, 60 West Wilmot St., Unit 1, Richmond Hill, Ont. L4B 1M6. Tel: (905) 886-4600 FAX: (905) 886-4616.

Health & Beauty Pac

Description: Health & Beauty Pac is a selective sampling vehicle, which features nationally branded health and beauty care items with specific appeal to women aged 18-49.

Each pack contains product with a minimum retail value of $20 and is sold at retail for $5.99 through Shoppers Drug Mart & Zellers.

Clients: Lever Bros; 3M; Mennen; Frank W. Horner; Cosmetic Import; Church & Dwight; Wrigley Canada.

Marketing application: Cosmetic Import distributed 50-millilitre samples of Fa Shower Gel through the Health & Beauty Pac to support a line extension/relaunch of the brand in 1994.

The marketing objective was to generate trial for three new Fa skus while broadening the brand’s user base. Non-user conversion for the program was 28%.

Contact: Lou Rishchynski, Samplex, 491 Eglinton Ave. West, Ste. 305, Toronto, Ont. M5N 1A8. Tel: (416) 481-5657 FAX: (416) 481-5692.

infoShelf Drug Network

Description: infoShelf Drug Network is a national on-shelf advertising and promotional vehicle in all retail drugstore chains and supermarkets with pharmacies.

Coupon programs, literature, shelf-talkers and advertising posters are available. Minimum four-week programs.

Clients: Alberto-Culver; Chesebrough-Pond’s; Church & Dwight; Ciba-Geigy; Colgate-Palmolive; Gillette Canada; Helene Curtis; Jergens; Janssen Pharmaceutical; Kimberly-Clark; Playtex; Procter & Gamble; Reckitt & Colman; Rhone Poulenc Rorer; Smith & Nephew; Smith Kline Beecham; Tambrands; Upjohn; Warner-Lambert Canada.

Contact: infoNet Media, 2 Vulcan St., Rexdale, Ont. M9W 1L2 Tel: (416) 614-7100 FAX: (416) 614-6790.

The Instant Coupon Machine

Description: The Instant Coupon Machine is an electronic on-shelf couponing vehicle that uses led flashing lights to attract attention.

It features secure shelf mounts, tamper-proof construction and a time-sequenced coupon dispensing system that can distribute up to 2,000 coupons per store per four-week cycle.

Sales increases across all categories range from 13% to a high of 96%, with an average redemption rate of 18%.

Clients: General Mills Canada; Quaker Oats Co. of Canada; Dow Brands Canada; Zellers; Hunt-Wesson Canada; Lever Bros.; Primo Foods; Pillsbury Canada; Robin Hood Multifoods.

Marketing application: Wisk Liquid volume and market share was declining due to a price gap versus the lower-priced competition.

Lever bought a national Instant Coupon Machine program to temporarily eliminate the price gap and drive volume off the shelf.

Lever used high value coupons (.75 and 1.00), plus a custom riser card to communicate the brand equity message.

The brand recorded a 25% volume lift during the four-week period. Market share during that time was 20%.

Contact: Matt Goodwin, vice-president, sales and marketing Actmedia Canada, 1296 Martin Grove Rd., Etobicoke, Ont. M9W 4X3. Tel: (416) 743-1212. FAX: (416) 743-0885.


Description: Magnapack is a clear poly bag, which can deliver up to eight pieces of advertising or retail flyer promotions in a single package.

The package is distributed by Canada Post to 1.5 million consumers in Ontario. Consumers can be targetted by specific postal walks.

Clients: White Rose Nurseries; Ontario Hydro; Kraft General Foods; Red Lobster; Mr. Lube; Grand & Toy; Nestle; Ontario Lottery Corporation; Columbia House.

Contact: Michael Artichuk, McIntyre & Dodd Marketing, 279 Humberline Dr., Etobicoke, Ont. M9W 5T6. Tel: (416) 674-6771.

Open & Save Direct Mail Co-op Envelope

Description: Open & Save is a four-color, 6-inch x 9 1/2-inch envelope carrying product samples, store coupons and other advertising and mail order offers.

Delivery is four times a year via Canada Post to more than six million households. Market selection can be customized geographically or demographically to areas as small as individual postal stations by matching product usage patterns to lifestyle profiles using data from Compusearch.

Marketing application: Open & Save is used to distribute product samples and store coupons for broad reach and customized programs.

Clients: Thomas J. Lipton; Nestle Canada; Chesebrough-Pond’s Canada; 3M.

Contact: John Petrella, Telemedia Procom, 25 Sheppard Ave. W., Ste. 100, North York, Ont. M2N 6S7. Tel: (416) 218-3620. In Montreal, contact Mike Griffin, Tel: (514) 499-0317. In Vancouver, contact Harold White (604) 943-3377.