OLC display conveys integrity, quality

Client: Ontario Lottery CorporationExhibit builder: Dimensional Communications GroupCategory E2: Special projects over $100,000Winner of the Volkswagen Canada Inc. 1994 Exhibit Excellence AwardDescription:This permanent corporate display combines glass, chrome, plastics, wood, electronics, film, graphics and text to create a strong corporate image...

Client: Ontario Lottery


Exhibit builder: Dimensional Communications Group

Category E2: Special projects over $100,000

Winner of the Volkswagen Canada Inc. 1994 Exhibit Excellence Award


This permanent corporate display combines glass, chrome, plastics, wood, electronics, film, graphics and text to create a strong corporate image for the Ontario Lottery Corporation at its flagship location in Toronto’s Xerox Centre.

Client objectives:

There were four key objectives, in addition to meeting budget and delivery schedule targets.

1) To create a strong corporate image that instills product enthusiasm and public confidence in the lottery by delivering key messages to the corporation’s various audiences as follows:

- To everyone: that the olc exemplifies integrity, quality and professionalism; that the olc is technologically progressive; that the olc profits support worthy causes across Ontario, and that there are lots of lottery winners.

- To the concourse audience (passers-by): that lotteries are fun and exciting, and that lottery winners can collect their prizes at this location.

- To the prize office visitor (intentional traffic): ‘Congratulations, you’re a winner.’

2) To integrate an enduring display into the existing architectural and office environment through the careful selection of design, materials, colors and shapes.

3) To ensure that the display enhances the work environment for olc prize office staff.

4) To maximize the display impact.

Objectives achieved:

1) The exterior/concourse display has punch, and offers an instant ‘read’ of the key messages.

Product logos in balloons announce a lottery location, pulling visitors toward the entry to the prize office.

Balloon colors and design variety reflect the various lottery games; the upbeat imagery creates enthusiasm for lottery products.

The display exemplifies the olc’s commitment to professionalism and quality.

Use of flat color, clean lines, a cool silver/blue Ontarioscape, edge-lighted neon, electronic messages with leds and a computer monitor suggest a technological orientation.

Imagery of provincial landmarks combines rotographic and led messages about lottery-funded worthy causes to show the lottery’s contribution to Ontario.

The display’s linear footage implies the space required to look after the many lottery winners.

The interior display is intentionally quieter, calming and gently imposing; voice levels drop when visitors enter.

The raised, polished silver lettering above the entrance sets a dignified tone. Without appearing lavish, it is clear that olc can pay its big winners.

Materials and workmanship denote high quality, expertise and professionalism.

Edge-lighted, sandblasted, glass images representing the diversity of Ontario’s prize-winners are offset by a deep, quiet green wall bearing a silver Winners sign.

A textured stainless steel spiral beside the entrance continues beneath the glass faces and white-lighted silhouettes depicting lottery-funded worthy causes.

Technological expertise is suggested by the informational interactive touchscreen display in the kiosk.

2) The display compliments pre-existing architectural features/materials including glass, polished granite, polished steel, strong verticals, occasional strong radius treatments, maple and a touch of green neon, and takes full advantage of the atrium above the stairway/escalator.

3) The display enhances the employees’ work environment. Product balloons on the windows, which add a touch of color, are transparent to permit viewing out.

The Ontarioscape film is opaque below waist-level to provide staff privacy, but transparent above to permit staff to look out. Blackout silver film provides complete privacy for the corridor storage area, and a grid of frosted images of olc-sponsored worthy causes provide a privacy screen for some staff.

4) The atrium balloon concept so appealed to the building owners that the client gained more than 1,000 square feet of prime, unleased space: olc product message is the focal point of three concourse access points.

Colorful solar-film treatment, featuring product balloons, adds upbeat color along the exterior windows and brightens a dull corridor.