Exhibit for exhibitors shows system in action

Client: TecnaFrameExhibit Builder: ExpoSystems CanadaCategory B: Exhibits under 240 square feetWinner of The Filion, Wakely & Thorup 1994 Exhibit Excellence AwardDescription:This exhibit was constructed exclusively out of TecnaFrame's own 'space frame' components.The structure comprises two towers 2.5 metres high x .5...

Client: TecnaFrame

Exhibit Builder: ExpoSystems Canada

Category B: Exhibits under 240 square feet

Winner of The Filion, Wakely & Thorup 1994 Exhibit Excellence Award


This exhibit was constructed exclusively out of TecnaFrame’s own ‘space frame’ components.

The structure comprises two towers 2.5 metres high x .5 meters wide x one metre deep: one at each end of the 20-foot-wide exhibit.

Each tower contains an enclosed samples showcase illuminated from the back, bottom and top.

The centre structure contains five light boxes illuminating two logos, a stylized ‘no tools required’ symbol and two transparencies featuring TecnaFrame in trade show applications.

Incredibly, the entire centre triangular structure, which is suspended the length of five meters between the towers, is supported by only three connection points at each end.

A counter unit, made from TecnaFrame, stores additional literature.

A small platform, also constructed from TecnaFrame components, challenges visitors to test the strength of the structure with the enticement ‘Jump Here – We Forgot the Elephant!’

Client’s objectives:

1. To introduce a new product aimed at trade show exhibitors in Canadian and u.s. markets.

2. To accentuate the product’s features as follows:

a) Lightweight

b) Strong

c) Offers ease and speed of assembly

d) Versatile

e) Strong visual impact

Objectives achieved:

The TS2 show in Chicago, one of the major trade shows for trade shows in North America, was selected to launch McNicol Stevenson’s new product to Canadian and u.s. markets.

The design of the exhibit achieved the objectives as follows:

a) Lightweight: the entire centre section, spanning five metres, cantilevering 2.5 meters from the back wall and reaching 4.5 metres high, is supported by only three connection points on each side tower.

The weight ratio of this system is as little as 1.15 kilograms per square metre.

b) Strong: The structure attests to the strength of the frame system, but to provide a literal demonstration, a small platform constructed from TecnaFrame invited visitors to stand on it.

c) Ease and speed of assembly: The assembly of this exhibit was timed specifically to illustrate the claim that TecnaFrame assembled 30% faster than similar competitive products.

This entire exhibit, including installation of all infill panels, light boxes, graphic panels, platform and counter was installed in just four and a half hours by two labor pool personnel who had no experience with this particular product.

There was no lifting equipment required other than a ladder.

d) Versatile: The versatility of TecnaFrame is proven by the multiple configurations in this exhibit alone.

By nature, this product can be configured in almost any form by using one of the three available connectors.

e) Visual impact: The dynamic shape and size of this exhibit attests to the possibilities of creating structures with strong visual impact.

The structure could be seen from almost any point in the exhibit hall.