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Promotion-hungry e-mail users...

Promotion-hungry e-mail users

24/7 Mail Canada is handling this list of 26,333 e-mail subscribers to, a Web site that delivers commercial e-mail offers to people who have opted to receive promotional offers targeted to their lifestyle interests. The list highlights over 50 different interest categories, including animals, astronomy, fitness, entertainment, and religion. For more information, contact Stany Bergeron at 24/7 Mail Canada: (416) 966-2542.

Le Chef subscribers

More than 18,000 workers in the Quebec restaurant and hotel industries and their suppliers subscribe to Le Chef. This list, managed by Montreal-based Joncas Postexperts, comprises 100% French-speaking individuals. The majority of subscribers work in restaurants, hospitals, government institutions, hotels, motels and other resorts. Quebec privacy law does not apply to this list. For more information, contact Chantale Croteau at Joncas: (514) 333-7480.

Computing Canada subscribers

More than 40,000 subscribers to Computing Canada are included in this list, handled by Toronto-based Cornerstone List Brokerage. The list has a high number of corporate decision-makers, with roughly one-quarter of subscribers identifying themselves as company executives. For more information, contact Lynda Robinson or Lyn Brown at Cornerstone: (416) 932-9555.

Financial management professionals

Watts List Management of Toronto manages the 41,577-name membership file of Infonex Financial Database. The financial management professionals on this list, which includes CFOs, lawyers and treasury analysts, are responsible for the general, corporate treasury and investment financial operations of their companies. For more information, contact Simone Carrier at Watts: (416) 252-7741.

DRTV product buyers

Watts List Management of Toronto manages the Northern Response list of 40,264 buyers who have made one or more purchases of products advertised in infomercials over the last 12 months. The file includes a segment of more than 29,000 last-six-month buyers. For more information, contact Simone Carrier at Watts: (416) 252-7741.