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The term ‘self-service’ has taken on a whole new twist with the launch of in-store kiosks selling sex toys and other adult-oriented products. Vancouver-based e-ComKiosk says its Essensual interactive kiosk gives consumers easy access to a catalogue of roughly 10,000 adult products. According to company officials, the kiosk is geared to any retail operation that wants to expand its service and product offerings – pharmacies, hair salons, lingerie shops and health clubs or spas. While it doesn’t offer sex-toy points, Essensual does require that adults sign up before they can place an order – and offers them trips and other prizes as an incentive to do so. With the swipe of a card, Essensual cartoon Dr. Luv greets consumers and guides them through a plethora of facts on products and their safe use, as well as sexual health, sexual education, self-help and pleasure. The kiosks are expected to debut in a number of undisclosed Canadian retail outlets by Christmas.

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