Winners by Category – Customer Loyalty Programs



Client: Air Canada

Campaign: Renomination 1999

Agency: FCB Direct Canada

Creative Director: Guy Tassé

Copywriter: Heather Parnell

Art Director: Guy Tassé

Photographer: Carl Valiquet

No one would argue that the airline industry has been predictable these past several years. Yet a frequent flyer loyalty program needs a certain amount of predictability in order to remain strong. Last year, Air Canada’s mission, with its three-tiered frequent flyer program, was to maintain a status retention that matched the record numbers of the previous year.

The strategy was to educate members in each of the three upper Aeroplan tiers – Prestige, Elite and Super Elite – on the full range of program benefits while persuading them to migrate up the ladder.

Three different direct mail pieces were created, all featuring photos of members of that group, along with each tier’s particular benefits and offers (such as upgrade certificates for hotels.) The idea was to reinforce the notion that members are successful and well-rounded individuals – exactly the type of person most people like to consider themselves.

The campaign was a success, particularly in the all-important upper level, where the number of Super Elite members retaining their status surpassed the target – the previous year’s figure – by 20%.


The Loyalty Group for its Air Miles Spring 1999 campaign, developed by Impiric.


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