Winners by Category – International Programs

GOLD (Two-way tie)...

GOLD (Two-way tie)

Client: Audi of America

Campaign: Audi A8 Relationship Marketing Program

Agency: DraftWorldwide Canada

Creative Director: Norm Lehman

Copywriter: Norm Lehman

Art Director: Brigette Neukomm

Photographer: Claude Noel

Agency Producer (broadcast): Lisa Gladstone

Although Audi’s flagship, the A8, was launched in 1997, it has had a tough time building brand awareness in the crowded and highly competitive premium luxury sedan marketplace, where brands like BMW and Mercedes vie for the customer’s dollar. Yet Audi boasts a relatively high test-drive-to-buy ratio for this particular vehicle segment. The key, then, for the 1999 relationship marketing program was to get qualified prospects behind the wheel and let the car’s performance speak for itself.

Beyond a direct response print campaign, the company sent out a direct mail package to older, wealthy males – the type of individual who isn’t seeking status as much as performance. The creative hook was fly fishing – a solitary pursuit aligned with progressive, upscale individuals.

The mail pieces came in translucent envelopes, sealed with a fly fishing-lure sticker. Inside was a brochure for the A8 and a survey card that, if filled out, would be exchanged for 16 ounces of Pacific smoked salmon or a gift certificate from

Leads were culled from those who responded to the offer. And those prospects considered ready to purchase were contacted by an Audi Executive Consultant (AEC). Unaffiliated with any dealership, the AEC would arrange to drop off an Audi A8 at the prospect’s home or office for a test drive (overnight or even for the weekend.)

Not only did the promotion attract a high level of interest, but the response rate exceeded the company’s objectives across all media.

GOLD (Two-way tie)

Client: Canadian Tourism Commission; Tourism Vancouver

Campaign: ‘Spectacular’ DM

Agency: Vickers & Benson Direct + Interactive (VBDI)

Creative Directors: Steve Murray, Bryan Tenenhouse

Copywriter: Shawn Heissler, Colin Mitchell

Art Director: Dawn McCabe

No one would accuse meeting planners of being adventurous – for good reason. They need to know that their meeting will be a success and, as a result, try to choose destinations that will ensure high attendance, strong revenue and a quality experience for their delegates.

Tourism Vancouver wanted to convince U.S. meeting planners that Vancouver could fulfill their needs. The key, however, was getting Vancouver on the shortlist. To do that, it was necessary to break through the clutter.

Almost 2,000 meeting planners were mailed a photo album outlining pertinent facts about the city as a delegate destination. A follow-up mailing contained a roll of film, and again outlined the benefits of holding conferences and meetings in Vancouver. A sweepstakes offer for a free Vancouver meeting (including air, accommodation, food and meeting rooms) was used to tie in directly with the destination. In addition, the campaign included a Web element wherein the audience could get more information and enter the sweepstakes.

While the presentation was creative and the offer compelling, the campaign was developed specifically to address the needs of meeting planners – it demonstrated an understanding of how they make their decisions and made sure every component assisted in that process.

Some 302 qualified planners responded to the campaign (12%) and 14 of these leads are considered ‘hot.’ Due to the overwhelming success of the U.S. program, Tourism Vancouver has decided to roll out a second phase, targeting 600 domestic planners.


CANAC – Division of Canadian National, for its Industrial Rail Operation, developed by Direct Marketing Strategies.


CenturyTel for its CID/CPE acquisition program, developed by MC Direct.


Canadian Tourism Commission for its 2000 U.S. leisure program, developed by Vickers & Benson Direct + Interactive (VBDI).


Canadian Tourism Commission for its Snowmobile DMP, developed by Vickers & Benson Direct + Interactive (VBDI).