Winners by Category – Leisure/Travel Products & Services

GOLD (Two-way tie)...

GOLD (Two-way tie)

Client: ClubLink Corporation

Campaign: Member Acquisition Direct Mail

Agency: Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG; Directer Direct Marketing Resource

Creative Director: Michael Shaw

Copywriters: Dave Savoie, Brenda McNeilly, Michael Shaw

Art Directors: Mike Jones, Martin Strazovec

If Tiger Woods’ popularity has proved anything, it’s that the old-school stuffiness usually associated with golf is finally fading. Golf is fun. That’s the point ClubLink wanted to get across in its drive for new members last year.

The recreational resort company sent out three mailings to prospective members. The list was segmented according to several factors, such as age – special financing was available to those under 35 – and the number of times played at a ClubLink course.

Each mailing featured a different promotion (free golf lessons and a weekend away, for example.) To emphasize the ‘fun’ attitude of ClubLink, the first mailing suggested the excuses a golfer might offer in order to get out of work for the day. The second mailing – which included a set of ear plugs – warned that one’s friends wouldn’t want to hear about the great golf games the member would soon be playing. The third mailing took a more serious tone, outlining the many resorts around the world at which members could play.

The first wave resulted in the acquisition of 120 new members – three times the set target. Meanwhile, the second wave translated into membership sales exceeding the previous year’s results by over 60% – particularly impressive when one considers that this was a mid-winter mailing when golf was but a dream for most prospects. Results from the third wave are not yet available.

GOLD (Two-way tie)

Client: InterCasino

Campaign: Mojo 99 In-flight Test

Agency: Vickers & Benson Direct + Interactive (VBDI)

Creative Directors: Steve Murray, Bryan Tenenhouse

Copywriter: Terry Levine

Art Director: Cam Salgado

As much as some people enjoy gambling, many aren’t willing to do so online. In a country where people worry about security when buying a book over the Internet, gambling takes on its own challenges. Yet InterCasino, the world’s largest Internet casino, faced with an over-saturated marketplace and the difficult task of finding strong lists of known gamblers for direct mail purposes, needed to find a new venue in which to seek out existing gamblers. The key was encouraging practised gamblers to give the online experience a try.

Using in-flight DRTV, the company was able to talk to qualified leads – those departing for, or from, Las Vegas on Air Transat flights. During the trial two-month period last winter, the airline showed the video – which featured a James Bond-like character encouraging ‘players’ to get online and experience InterCasino. The video suggested passengers request a CD from the cabin crew (or, alternatively, they could phone for a CD or download the software on their PC.) The CD outlined the features and benefits of InterCasino – security, reliability, fun – along with some offers to encourage trial.

The results of the program were nothing short of astounding and show just how seriously gamblers take their passion. The fulfillment rate was 90.3% with 8,500 CDs requested. Not coincidentally, during the campaign, online revenues increased by 40% and 9,000 new customers signed on.