Winners by Category – Student Award



School: Schulich School of Business – York University

Students: Julie Hay, Donna Yuen, Gregory Radwan and Altay Aksulu

Professor: Alexandra Campbell

The hypothetical client for which the students were asked to create and present a direct marketing campaign was a two-year-old eye-care clinic, specializing in laser surgery, in upscale Whistler, B.C.

By way of background, the clinic, Eyes R Us (ERU), is operating at less than peak capacity. As such, the students’ objective was to develop an integrated direct marketing campaign to pave the way for ongoing direct efforts – with a budget of $250,000 for the initial test.

The winning student team chose four main target groups for their DM effort – eye care professionals, middle-aged suburbanites, reporters and previous clients.

Their communication objective was to position ERU as the premier-quality eye-treatment centre and expand top-of-mind awareness with all the target audiences. A variety of factors was taken into consideration, including the existence of the ERU Web site, the toll-free number and the eight-page brochure. The students’ strategy included the decision to create three additional pamphlets to target the suburbanites, the optometrists and previous clients.

There were several planned campaigns, including an open house for eye-care professionals, a public relations blitz and a client referral program. Another key element of the program capitalized on the location of the centre. Since the clinic is situated in a world-class resort city, the students decided that the development of an ‘Eye-Spa Experience,’ in which patients could undergo the surgery during a three-day spa treatment program, would interest those suburbanites seeking a professional and pampered approach to eye surgery.


Irina Minski and Alex Filimon, under professor Kent Groves, for Dalhousie University.


Andrea Weikum, working under professor Ayten Forrest, for University of Saskatchewan.


Peter Colavecchia, Michelle Perritt, Andrea Hunt and Julia M. Smith, under professor Alexandra Campbell, for Schulich School of Business.



Bryan Tucker and Kate Caldwell, under professor Karen Blotnicky, for Mount Saint Vincent University.


Erin Silver and Michelle Bussey, under professor Karen Blotnicky, for Mount Saint Vincent University.