Strategy’s 2000 Best Media Operation: How we identified the winners

Strategy's Best Media Operation report is intended to recognize excellence in media planning and buying....

Strategy’s Best Media Operation report is intended to recognize excellence in media planning and buying.

The winner is determined by means of a confidential poll of media sellers across the country.

Senior sales people at media companies were contacted by telephone, and invited to respond on behalf of their organization. Each was presented with a list of media planning and buying operations, and asked to rate – on a scale of one to 10 – all those with which they do business.

Media executives were instructed to base their score for each operation on a number of factors:

General Attributes: Is the company well organized? Does it have professional personnel? Is it up to date in its attitudes, data and techniques? Is it imaginative in its general approach to media?

Planning Attributes: Does the company show a strong understanding of your particular medium? Does it develop a strategic approach to looking at problems and opportunities?

Buying Attributes: Is the company likely to get the best efficiencies for the client’s dollar? Does it excel at negotiating the best all-round value for advertisers?

We then tabulated the numerical scores from the sellers in order to identify the winner. The same process was used to determine the Best Media Operation in the Quebec market.

Each seller we surveyed was also asked to nominate an individual as Best Media Director.

In naming their choice, sellers were asked to consider such criteria as the individual’s knowledge of the media industry, their creativity in coming up with innovative media solutions and their openness to new ideas.

Special acknowledgement should go to Strategy staff writer Bernadette Johnson, who handled with great aplomb the laborious task of conducting our survey.

Also in this report:

- Gold: The Media Edge p.80

- Silver: M2 Universal p.82

- Bronze: MindShare Canada p.84

- Best Media Operation, Quebec: Bos 94

- Best Media Director: Hugh Dow, M2 Universal p.96