Chrysler mall display flexible, spacious

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada...

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada

Exhibit Builder: Worden-Watson

Category C: 241 square feet to 600 square feet

Winner of the SCL Imaging Group Award of Excellence


This mall display for Chrysler brand vehicles was designed using the Clip Display System, with a custom laminate surface and custom-painted Trimesh structure. The display showcased the entire Chrysler brand family of vehicles, using mesh and poster graphics. It was used at the Toronto Eaton Centre in April 2000, and at various other malls across the country between April and July.

Client Objectives:

Now that the new PT Cruiser and the rest of the Chrysler brand family of automobiles had been launched at auto shows, it was time to take the vehicles on the road. The client’s main objective was to show off the PT Cruiser in shopping malls across Canada, and to allow the general public to touch and feel all the other members of the brand family, as well.

The display had to be cost-effective, lightweight, spacious and graphically pleasing. It also had to be easy to set up and durable enough to go on a tour of more than 30 malls across Canada without the luxury of maintenance stops.

In addition, the display had to be flexible enough that it could easily change configuration and size, in order to accommodate the different spaces available in the various malls. And it had to be able to showcase at least two vehicles in every location.

Objectives Achieved

The design of the exhibit was open and upbeat. Graphics and overlays were all interchangeable, to reflect the particular product mix on display. At the same time, the entire product line was always represented, no matter which actual vehicles were being showcased. (Interchangeable graphics also proved helpful in dealing with language issues, as the display travelled across the country.)

The display could be assembled by a minimal number of staff, without the use of any tools. The modular design allowed for short installation and dismantle times, and helped facilitate the loading and unloading of the display – an important consideration, since every mall loading area was different, and not all locations had truck-level loading docks.

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