Jeep gets rugged

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada...

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada

Exhibit builder: Worden-Watson

Category E1: Special projects under $100,000

Winner of the ID Signs Award of Excellence


The Jeep Platform exhibit showcased a single Jeep vehicle. The automobile was displayed sitting on an angle atop a rough-looking rock platform, with an outdoor landscape photo displayed behind the vehicle on a sail-like graphic. The exhibit was used at this year’s Vancouver and Toronto Auto Shows, and most recently at the Toronto Fleet Show in September.

Client Objectives:

The display had to carry through DaimlerChrysler’s new product branding initiative. The look needed to be rugged to convey the brand personality of Jeep, and show the vehicle in a branded setting.

The exhibit had to be able to accommodate a range of Jeep vehicles, including the Concept and prototype units. And it needed to be easily transportable, to permit its use in smaller venues with lower budgets.

The client required a design that would allow for live product presentations at public, private and press events, but that could also communicate the features of the vehicle without the aid of a presenter.

Objectives Achieved:

The unit was designed to complement the client’s other Jeep exhibits. It featured a realistic stone surface produced from molds of actual Canadian Shield rock, and an angled platform that displayed the vehicle in a dramatic, ‘off-road’ pose. A railing with posts served as a barrier to keep the public back, while still affording them good lines of sight for viewing the vehicle. Strips of clear Plexiglas with photo overlays of Canadian wilderness were used to create a background effect.

The display featured steps and a walkway that surrounded the vehicle on three sides, allowing a presenter to stand with the automobile and demonstrate its various features. It also included several interchangeable graphics panels designed to showcase various features of the vehicle when a presenter was not on hand.

The unit was designed to break down into a very few pieces, reducing the installation time at small shows with short move-in and move-out schedules.

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