Nike entertains with interactive exhibits

Client: Nike...

Client: Nike

Exhibit Builder: Exhibits International

Category G: Retail installations

Winner of the Volkswagen of Canada Award of Excellence


A stylish and sophisticated retail environment, Nike’s flagship store for Europe encompasses four floors of a prestigious location in the heart of London, England. With large-scale graphic images, interactive exhibits and product display areas that reflect Nike’s corporate image, history, and dedication to sports, the store is designed to captivate and entertain the visitor.

Client Objectives:

The primary objective was to create a high-impact, exciting environment that would maintain the Nike standard and attract new and repeat customers.

Another key goal was to define the Nike brand and firmly establish Nike as a strong competitor in the European sporting goods market.

Objectives Achieved:

Working closely with the Nike design team, we turned the original design concepts into innovative and interactive retail display units – a major attraction on all four levels of the new store. The interactive displays convey Nike’s commitment to and investment in the ongoing development and evolution of their product line.

The job – which came in within the budget guidelines set by Nike – was made that much more challenging by the need to co-ordinate fabrication on two continents, and to accommodate an extremely tight production and installation deadline.

High-end finishes, superior craftsmanship, exceptional project management skills – all came together to create a captivating, inviting environment that entrances consumers.

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