Nike soccer ball provides multimedia focal point p.24

Client: Nike European Operations BV...

Client: Nike European Operations BV

Exhibit Builder: Exhibits International

Category H: Multimedia Presentations

Winner of the Kia Canada Award of Excellence


The exhibit was a replica – 20 feet in diameter – of the Nike soccer ball created for the Euro 2000 tournament. Exact in every detail, the ball provided a focal point for the NikeParks in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, London, Milan and Berlin, as well as an environment to house Nike’s multimedia presentation.

Client Objectives:

The objective was to develop an icon that would provide Nike with a branding focus for the Euro 2000 event.

Objectives Achieved:

The interior of the ball featured two separate and independent video messaging systems. Nike’s primary brand message was communicated using eight large-format plasma screens and a speaker system mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling, approximately 10 feet above the finished floor. This system was driven by a single computer system equipped with a DVD drive and software that controlled the video and audio output. The video imagery was programmed to loop continuously at a preset audio level.

The secondary messaging system was interactive in nature and used the design vocabulary derived from Nike’s Euro 2000 marketing program. That program employed a Mission: Impossible theme, with a ‘ninja’ character as the protagonist.

Four stations were located at 90-degree intervals around the perimeter of the base. Each featured a ninja mask covering its video LCD screen. Within these units were individual ‘near-field’ audio systems, controlled by four individual computer systems.

When a visitor approached the station, he or she would observe what appeared to be a pair of fire-red eyes moving about the screen. Below was a button printed with the command ‘Push Me.’

When activated, the computer would engage, playing a series of video clips with audio support from Nike’s commercial marketing program.

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