Rock outcrop fits Jeep’s image

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada...

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada

Exhibit Builder: Worden-Watson

Category E2: Special projects over $100,000

Winner of the ICON Digital Productions Award of Excellence


The Jeep ‘rock’ exhibit featured two vehicles: One was placed on a rock shelf above the crowd’s head, the other on the side of the rock. A running waterfall and assorted foliage helped to create an outdoor look. The exhibit was used at the Montreal and Toronto Auto Shows in early 2000.

Client Objectives:

This was the first year that the Jeep brand was to be marketed separately at Canadian auto shows. DaimlerChrysler wanted the exhibit to stand out from the crowd, so that the Jeep brand would be prominent.

The exhibit needed to reflect the slogan ‘Jeep – there is only one,’ while projecting an outdoorsy, youthful image. The exhibit also needed to be flexible, so that it could accommodate a feature vehicle (with or without a commentator present), and could display any Jeep product as required. The Jeep brand logo had to be highlighted at maximum height, to reinforce the branding, and the exhibit had to be capable of being used in different placements (against a wall, on its own and so on).

Objectives Achieved:

The exhibit was designed to make the featured Jeep vehicle stand out above the crowd. The rock surface itself was fashioned from molds of Canadian Shield formations to provide a more realistic look.

The support structure was developed to accommodate vehicles of any size in the Jeep lineup, while providing room for a commentator to climb up and demonstrate the featured vehicle.

The background structure incorporated a running waterfall, to add to the feeling of being outdoors, and to support the Jeep logo, which was placed prominently at the top of the waterfall.

The design also allowed for the vehicle to be driven onto the exhibit from the front, making installation of the exhibit directly against a wall or column possible. The shape of the rock was also carefully designed to fit back-to-back with other exhibits, such as a Jeep Photo Wall, creating the flexibility needed to accommodate different booth sizes and layouts.

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