Sweet baby Rob

I smiled broadly when reading Rob Young's Dec. 4, '00 column ('Music can bridge generational divide.')...

I smiled broadly when reading Rob Young’s Dec. 4, ’00 column (‘Music can bridge generational divide.’)

Though he’s an expert on media matters, many might wonder about Rob’s musical credentials. I do not.

It was autumn 1970, and one of the biggest musical phenomena at the time was James Taylor. I remember attending a Saturday evening party at the apartment of a classmate, and in the living room, the music was loud and acidic.

On my way back from a pit stop, I heard the tranquil, melodious sound of Sweet Baby James coming from a nearby bedroom. Much more balanced and au courant than the cacophony emanating from the living room! James Taylor’s voice and sound were unmistakable. I entered the bedroom in order to get a better listen to the album playing. Inside were three or four people but, to my amazement, there was no James Taylor LP on the stereo. It was my classmate’s roommate – one Rob Young – playing and singing live with his guitar! More JT than JT, so to speak! I later came to learn that Rob is also a very talented songwriter.

Play on, Rob!

Duncan Greenshields

Foreknowledge Ltd.

Toronto, Ont.