Pointless sex repels

(Re: 'Safe sex sells' by Barry Base, Jan. 29, 2001)...

(Re: ‘Safe sex sells’ by Barry Base, Jan. 29, 2001)

I am one of those ‘dreadful advertising people’ who discussed sex in advertising on a recent segment on CBC’s This Morning.

Mr. Base feels compelled to have the last word on the subject, which is fine by me. But since he was only listening with half an ear, I wanted to enlighten him as to what I actually said. Contrary to his report that I am against sex in advertising, I did cite great irritation that on children’s programming (Teletoon), I’ve seen Herbal Essence advertising (torture on any occasion) at 8 (tongues going into partners’ mouths, the usual orgasmic behaviour). It’s simply inappropriate, by any measure. Of course my daughter didn’t go running from the room (I didn’t say she did), nor was she ‘frightened.’ I think at 7 she can wait a good while before we have to go there (raise your kids how you want, Barry – good luck.)

I’m not against sex in advertising. What offends me are sexy ads that are boring and pointless.

Use both ears next time, Barry.

Nancy Vonk

Co-Creative Director

Ogilvy & Mather

Toronto, Ont.