For the Record



Direct mail activity in the Canadian fundraising sector rose last year to account for 20% of total direct marketing industry volume, up from only 13% in 1999, according to the eighth annual direct mail report, prepared by Toronto-based Cornerstone List Management.

Cornerstone, which bases its analysis on usage trends among the approximately 800 list and alternative media products it manages, says the fundraising sector experienced the greatest increase in direct mail activity over the past year. The services category – which includes financial services firms, insurance companies and Internet service providers – saw its percentage of overall activity drop to 31% last year from 37% in 1999, still good enough to rank it as the largest direct mail category. Subscription mailings, meanwhile, experienced the greatest decline, dropping to 10% of overall volume last year from 24% in 1999.

POINTS.COM LINKS UP WITH BEENZ.COM, a year-old Toronto enterprise that’s in the midst of establishing a ‘loyalty asset management’ service for consumers who belong to multiple customer loyalty programs, has signed an agreement with New York-based, a company that has developed a unique form of online currency that can be used as an incentive to stimulate consumer activity.

Under the agreement, Beenz account holders will be able to make use of the program, which promises to provide consumers with a central resource to track and manage their inventories of reward points from airline, credit card, retail and other loyalty programs.