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Gardeners, handymen & outdoor enthusiasts...

Gardeners, handymen & outdoor enthusiasts

Cornerstone Web Media of Toronto has announced the release of four new e-mail lists from Avid Media, a consumer magazine publisher. The lists include Canadian Gardening e-mail subscribers, comprising 3,500 individuals who have registered on the magazine’s Web site and opted to receive future e-mail solicitations; 6,800 people who have registered with the Canadian Home Workshop Web site; 850 Outdoor Canada Web site registrants; and 1,300 Snow Goer online registrants. For more information, contact Alison Stewart at (416) 932-9555.

Engineers, scientists and technologists

Cornerstone Web Media of Toronto has announced that it is now managing the e-mail masterfile of Epic, a provider of seminars and professional development courses for engineers, scientists and technologists. The 15,000-name masterfile includes subsets made up of chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical and petroleum engineering specialists. Canadian selects include company SIC code, employee size, and telephone number. For more information, contact Lynda Robinson at (416) 932-9555.

Sports news junkies

Watts List Management of Toronto is now managing the 575,000-name opt-in Canadian e-mail masterfile of, which includes subscribers to Pig McBaker, a humourous electronic sports newsletter. The masterfile also includes the opt-in e-mail addresses of 12,500 Canadians who have registered to receive daily customized sports news and features via e-mail. In addition, the file features 3,750 e-mail addresses of Canadians who have subscribed to’s wireless text messaging service. For more information, contact Simone Carrier at (416) 252-7741.