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Golfing afficionados...

Golfing afficionados

Cornerstone List Brokerage of Toronto has announced it is now managing the 2,732-name opt-in e-mail master file of Accuform Golf. This is a list of recipients of a digital newsletter that provides information on the latest Accuform equipment and accessories. Available selects include sex and geography. For more information, contact Corner-stone at (416) 932-9555.

Job seekers by area of interest

Cornerstone is also administering the e-mail list of Canadians OnLine. This new series of 100% opted-in e-mail lists consists of people who have registered with the Jobsonline Web site and have indicated one or more special interest categories. Overall list size is 151,107 but it can be segmented into the following areas: finance (30,356), health (44,349), music (76,172), sports (51,353) and technology (54,965). About 25,000 opt-in names are being added monthly.

engineers and

technical managers

Cornerstone presents the Epic masterfile e-mail list. This is a list of engineers, scientists, technical managers, technologists and other individuals compiled for professional upgrading seminars and courses relating to a wide variety of very specific and highly technical engineering topics. It is augmented and seminar attendees return detailed surveys providing background information on themselves and their interests. Individuals are grouped by engineering discipline, specialty and title. Sample counts include: chemical engineering (2,140), civil (3,034) and electrical/electronics/ computer (3,097).


Watts List Management of Toronto has been appointed the exclusive list manager for’s B2B file. Direct marketers can reach 1.3 million businesses across Canada. Selections include business classification, phone number, toll-free number, e-mail and Web site addresses, home office and monthly new businesses. For more information, contact Watts at (416) 252-7741.

National Charity Donors

Vancouver-based J.R. Direct Response International global list brokerage and manager is administering this list of 81,120 individuals who have contributed to a variety of charitable causes, including missing/exploited/handicapped children, U.S. war veterans and fire fighter and police charities. The list skews 65% male with a $20 average donation. For information, contact J.R. Direct at (604) 940-0277.