Molson launches biggest single event

So just how essential is event marketing to a brewery? Well if the plans around the 'Molson Canadian Big Birthday' bash are any indication, it is very essential, indeed....

So just how essential is event marketing to a brewery? Well if the plans around the ‘Molson Canadian Big Birthday’ bash are any indication, it is very essential, indeed.

The Canada Day party – the brewery’s single largest event of the year – will see concerts in 10 cities coast to coast featuring up to 45 bands, plus the single largest network of on-premise licensee promotions in Molson’s history, says Andrew Barrett, VP marketing Molson brands.

‘It’s certainly the biggest single thing we’ve ever done on any single day,’ he says. ‘It’s a significant piece of our overall marketing spend as it’s lined up.’

With headline performers including 54:40, Tom Cochrane, Chantal Kreviazuk, The Matthew Good Band and Sloan performing in every major city nationwide, Molson Canadian appears positioned to solidify its ownership of Canada Day celebrations.

Through its sales force, the brewer will also distribute thousands of licensee bar kits nation-wide with ‘Big Birthday’ thematic elements such as posters, banners, tent cards, staff wearables and prizes. The brand will also sponsor street parties and other outdoor celebrations in smaller communities.

The brewer has also produced a radio program featuring performers and tributes to be broadcast in markets on Canada Day.

The point, says Rick Shaver, VP client services at Encore Strategic Marketing in Toronto, which is organizing the events, is that even those in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, or Truro, Nova Scotia, can get in on the act.

‘Obviously this fits very, very well with what the brand strategy is all about and what the positioning is about. This is a brand that is about being ubiquitous, it’s about being prideful and it’s about being social. Those are the brand planks,’ he says.

In the lead up, Molson has begun an in-case giveaway with ‘Big Birthday’ promotional items in cases of Canadian in every province except Quebec. The brewery is also rolling out print, TV and radio through June.

A second TV spot will break two weeks before Canada Day that will be a ‘special tribute’ to the Molson Canadian ‘Big Birthday.’

‘Canada Day and Molson Canadian are inextricably linked,’ says Barrett. ‘For the brand that is proud to be Canadian, there is no other day that is more important to do things on than Canada Day. It’s essential for us to have events all across the country to solidify that relationship.’ PV