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Bean counters...

Bean counters

The Cornerstone Group of Companies List Management Division is the list manager for IE:Money. Subscribers to IE:Money, a Canadian personal finance magazine, are educated, mobile, active savers and powerful spenders.

The list, which counts 7,154 records, is made up of 67% males and 33% females. Available selects include gender, FSA and province. For more information, contact Cornerstone at (416) 932-9555 ext. 175.

Nuts about novelties

Watts List Management recently updated its JD Marvel Canadian Product Buyers list of 322,304 mail order buyers over the last 24 months (also includes buyers over the last 12 months, three months and last month). These names are 100% direct response buyers who spend an average of $28 to $45 per item. JD Marvel Products are a wide range of useful household items. Products include: personalized address labels, novelty watches, ‘as seen on TV’ products, health aids, electronic grooming and others. Gender counts also available. For more information, contact Watts at (416) 252-7741.

They really like software

MSGi Direct, of Newtown, Pa., is the exclusive list manager for Software of the Month Club (SOMC), one of the world’s largest member-based software distributors. This file consists of 139,900-plus 12-month members at $100/month (as well as 67,429 three-month members and 89,865 intro buyers) – most individuals have purchased name-brand software from major publishers, including such brands as Reader Rabbit, Schoolhouse Rock, Sesame Street, Simon & Schuster and The Learning Company.

Member profile is as follows: 45% male, 45% female, average age of 36, average household income of $65,000, 75% are married, 52% are married with children and 61% are homeowners. For more information, contact MSGi Direct at (215) 968-5020.