New Quebec association merges databases and streamlines opps of former orgs

Quebec's new direct marketing association has begun to cultivate the 'distinct' role it hopes to play for la belle province's direct marketing and customer relationship management industry. ...

Quebec’s new direct marketing association has begun to cultivate the ‘distinct’ role it hopes to play for la belle province’s direct marketing and customer relationship management industry.

Earlier this month, the lead committee of the new direct marketing and customer Association du marketing direct et de la relation clientele (AMDRC) had its kick-off meeting in Montreal. Among the many things discussed was the function the newly merged AMDRC hopes to play for marketers in Quebec.

In the past AMDQ (Association de marketing direct du Québec) was a chapter of the national CMA. It existed, at least in part, to satisfy the needs of suppliers. The SMDCA (Société du marketing direct et centres d’appel) was created to address needs of the users of direct marketing and call center services. The AMDRC marks the amalgamation of the two.

The head of the new group, Bianca Barbucci, says the mission of the new association is to ‘be the undisputed leader and the core hub in terms of the development of the direct marketing and customer relationship industry, of business networking opportunities and of knowledge expansion.’

‘It became obvious that there was much duplication between the two associations and that there was no need for them to continue to co-exist. By creating a new association, we have a stronger membership base, we will be able to offer our members a better and more synergetic calendar of activities,’ she says.

‘We will take the best of both worlds, but our goal is to develop our own culture and relaunch as a new, strong and dynamic association.’

The AMDRC now boasts over 750 members with approximately 20% crossover from the CMA – any CMA member with a Quebec address is automatically a member of the new association. However, adds Barbucci, the association is still working on the merger of the two previous associations’ databases.

In addition to informing members on the new trends and developments outside the Quebec market, both at technology and strategic levels, says Barbucci, the AMDRC will organize forums and seminars, attend all industry-related events, initiate debates, and actively participate in those at the national level. ‘That involves having a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the CMA and where our members see added value,’ she says.

While, the AMDRC will continue to enjoy healthy relationships and interaction with the CMA at large, she says its objectives are distinctly Quebecois. In that respect, the AMDRC will strive to become the ultimate reference