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Thirty-country direct marketing study released...

Thirty-country direct marketing study released

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), based in New York, the largest direct markets, on a per capita basis, after the U.S., are Japan and Switzerland.

The findings were part of the DMA’s new study that reports advertising expenditures and remote commerce sales for 30 non-U.S. countries, including Canada.

The DMA’s Economic Impact study reports that Canada is projected to experience 9.8% direct marketing sales growth between 2000 and 2005. Overall, remote commerce sales are expected to grow steadily in each of the 30 countries over the next five years at rates of between 2.7%, at the low end, and 32.3%, at the high end.

According to the association, the study, which will be published and released in July, is the first of its kind to accurately measure the growth of remote commerce through all channels, Internet, catalogue or telephone.

Gap newest American Express membership reward partner

Amex Bank of Canada is adding Gap to its membership rewards program, giving cardholders an opportunity to use points for purchases at any Gap, GapKids and babyGap stores worldwide. This is the first time Gap has partnered with a consumer points program in Canada. Membership reward points can be redeemed for Gap gift certificates at point levels of 2,500 points for $25 and 5,000 points for $50. The new reward will be promoted through direct mail, statement insert and interactive marketing on the American Express Web site.

Verizon to buy Telus Advertising services directory

Last month, Burnaby-based telecommunications provider Telus and Verizon Information Services, the world’s largest yellow pages and online directory provider, signed a deal whereby Verizon will purchase Telus’ directory information services business and incorporate it into what will be Canada’s second-largest directory publisher, Dominion Information Services.

Verizon plans to combine Telus’ directory operations, including portions of Alberta-based Telus Advertising Services, with Verizon’s British Columbia-based Dominion Information Services and Quebec-based Les Annuaires du Quebec to form a print, wireless and online directory provider. The newly combined company will offer customers an array of products, including bundled print and Internet-based advertising services, and a Canadian version of Verizon’s online directory service and shopping resource.

Consumers willing to give up personal info for improved services

A new survey shows that consumers are more likely to purchase at Web sites that offer personalization, according to the Personalization Consortium, which commissioned the study. Fifty-six per cent of survey respondents said they are more likely to purchase from a site that allows personalization, and 63% are more likely to register at a site that allows personalization or content customization.

Don Peppers of Peppers and Rogers Group, co-chair of the Personalization Consortium, believes savvy marketers need to provide consumers the convenience of customization, show consumers its benefits and earn the consumer’s trust by carefully guarding all their personalized data.

Other findings include: 82% of respondents are willing to provide such personal information as gender, age and ethnicity if the site will remember their preferences and personal info; 28% of personalizers spent more than $2,000 online last year, compared to only 17% of the non-personalizers, who spent as much; and 82% say a Web site’s privacy policy is a critical factor in their decision to purchase online.