script (Cloning - 60') (Cloning – 60′)

MUSIC: dramatic, drone-like

ANNCR: Right at this very moment, scientists are conducting DNA experiments which could lead to the chilling prospect of genetically modified human beings. Technology is evolving at such a pace, it’s become impossible to fully understand the moral and ethical implications of these procedures.

MUSIC: hopeful, optimistic

ANNCR: We take technology seriously. That’s why at, an ethics panel oversees all technology-based programs, like our free beer-mail. Imagine how pleased they were to find out that, unlike their boring office email, beer-mail hooked them and their friends up with events at local bars, free beer stuff and some fine young la-dies.

Someone has to draw the line. Because when it comes to the choice of farming human organs from headless drones versus getting free beer-mail, we’ll stick with the beer-mail. Unless the headless drones can be trained to fetch you a beer. Then we’d go with the headless beer-fetching drones. The party starts here.