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Client: General Motors of Canada Ltd.

Campaign: GM Vans and Dewalt Promotional Mailing

Agency: MacLaren MRM

Creative Director: Kimberley Walsh

Copywriter: Sheri Ballantyne

Art Director: Bronwyn Anderson

Cargo vans certainly aren’t for everyone – a fact General Motors of Canada knows only too well. So it recognized proper targeting was key for its Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari.

The two products had never been advertised before, mostly because they are used almost exclusively by contractors and the like. With a limited budget, and such a small group of prospects, the car manufacturer first sought to identify consumers with the greatest likelihood of purchasing a van in the next six months, and who would also consider a GM product. General Motors settled on a CompuSearch Complete Fleet list, which assembled small tradesman businesses. The list was then pre-qualified and updated using telemarketing until a target number of tradesmen fit the criteria.

The creative was specifically geared to the target. Blueprint-inspired, it used clean, simple lines to show the various angles of a GM cargo van. The tag line: ‘Measure your options twice. Decide once.’ GM also partnered with Dewalt to offer an incentive – recipients who purchased or leased a van during the promotional period (October 2000 to January 2001) would receive one of five targeted Dewalt tool packages. No additional media were used to support the DM.


IBM Canada Ltd. for its ‘IBM Home Director – Builder Acquisition,’ developed by OgilvyOne worldwide.


DirectProtect Group for its ‘Group Prospecting’ package, developed by Lowe RMP.


Scotiabank Commercial/Corporate Electronic Banking for its ‘Scotiabank Global Banking Solutions’ launch, developed by BIMM Communications Group.