Customer Loyalty Programs



Client: General Motors of Canada Ltd.

Campaign: Interchange

Agency: MacLaren MRM

Associate Creative Director: Kimberley Walsh

Copywriter: Paul Joyce

Art Director: Stephan Schmelzer

Since its launch in March 2000, Interchange, a customer-driven communications program whereby content is customized to recognize preferences identified from consumer data, has become a key part of operations at General Motors. The strategy involved the development of three key phases: Motivate (to provide potential customers with a series of communications to motivate them to buy a GMCL vehicle), Welcome (to thank the first time or repeat customers for choosing GMCL), and Relationship Building (to maintain an ongoing relationship with owners and lessees, using a corporate magazine).

The database was used to identify customers who qualified for a communication within each mail period. Packages, which were sent four weeks after purchase or lease, included a letter to initiate the relationship and to thank the customer for choosing GMCL. Inserts from GMCL partners were sometimes included. A corporate magazine was also sent twice a year (spring and fall).


Bank of Montreal for its ‘Double Dip With Debit National Rollout’ program, developed by Vickers & Benson Direct + Interactive.


Air Canada for its ‘Air Canada’s Renomination 2000′ program, developed by FCB Direct Canada.