Fundraising/Non-profit/Public Service

GOLD (two-way tie)

GOLD (two-way tie)

Client: Pollution Probe

Campaign: Clean Air Commute 2001 Mailing

Agency: Proximity Canada

Creative Director: Michael J. McGovern

Copywriter: Donna Ilagan

Art Directors: Gregory Goodyear and Briony Wilson

Production Director: Deborah Flippance

Now in its ninth year, the Clean Air Commute takes place every June in the Greater Toronto Area. The mission for Pollution Probe this year was to maintain the same level of participation as last year by signing up 6,000 people from 130 GTA organizations.

In the campaign, running from March 28 to June 24, an intrusive 3D mailing package made of corrugated cardboard was devised to break through clutter and make its way past administration, directly to the CEO of each company.

Literature was included together with a mnemonic device, containing black non-toxic paint powder to represent the amount of air pollution that the average car emits over a single kilometer. A teaser on the box stated: ‘We wouldn’t normally send you junk in the mail,’ and inside were the words: ‘But this is better than leaving it up in the air.’ A participation kit was also sent to each registered organization’s designated coordinator.

The campaign resulted in the participation of 147 organizations (surpassing target by 13.1%) and 7,800 employees (beating target by 30%). What’s more, this campaign generated an unprecedented level of publicity (in part because one business mistook the mailing for a suspicious substance), helping this year’s Clean Air Commmute to be the most successful event in Pollution Probe’s history.

GOLD (two-way tie)

Company: World Vision Canada

Campaign: Water of Life Video Persuasion Series

Agency: Russ Reid Company

Creative Director: Lois Ephraim

Copywriter: Dave Wimbish

Art Director: Randi Lockwood

The aim here was to maximize revenue from World Vision’s best donors by communicating the needs of children halfway around the world. Specifically, the challenge was to motivate donors to help children and their families in need of clean water.

Between April and May 2001, World Vision targeted donors taken from an in-house list. Each received a pre-announcement postcard, followed later with a phone call to alert donors to an upcoming package. Within days of the phone call, donors received a package containing a videotape of the situation. One week later a final phone call was made to ask donors for a gift via credit card or cash pledge.

Eight different donation levels were suggested, according to the donor’s previous track record of giving. For example, $150 will provide safe water for two children in Senegal, or $1,000 will purchase one hand pump and install 75 metres of water pipe in Senegal. The video featured Canada’s Country Music Artist of the Year, Paul Brandt, telling stories of Ethiopian families in need of water.

The campaign generated over $1.2 million from 20,000 donors.


World Wildlife Fund Canada for its ‘A Gift of a Different Nature – Adopt a Polar Bear’ campaign, created by OgilvyOne worldwide.


World Vision Canada for its ‘Christmas Card Bounceback’ campaign, created by Russ Reid Company.


Foster Parents Plan for its ‘Sierra Leone Appeal’ campaign, created by FCB Direct.