International Programs



Client: AIRIA

Campaign: AIRIA Lead Generation Programme: Wave 1

Agency: directer Direct Marketing Resource Inc.

Creative Director: Jack Senett

Copywriter: Michael Shaw

AIRIA’s main challence was to identify and get to know the right people. The company, which markets a live satellite television product for airlines, was having success reaching inflight entertainment directors, but had been unable to move beyond to key decision-makers.

Of the 180 airlines worldwide, AIRIA determined the top 10 prospects for Wave 1 of the campaign. It sought airlines with long-haul flights, which used a Inmarsat Satellite navigation system and had an innovative spirit, among other things. In order to identify the key people and influencers within each of the airlines, AIRIA hand-built a custom database of 77 individuals at 10 airlines. At the end of May, flashy silver suitcases were delivered to these executives in the hope of creating an in-depth knowledge of the AIRIA offering and preparing them for follow-up calls. The packages were complete with a ‘thought-provoking’ letter, personalized luggage tag, business card, DVD and a premium (newspaper, weather station, stop watch, metronome).

AIRIA mailed 10 airlines and received requests for proposals from five airlines. Rather than simply warming up the prospect to a telephone call, the campaign actually generated a response and far exceeded the company’s objectives.


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