More on Disney spelling bee ad

More on Disney spelling bee ad

Re Viewpoint, Feb. 25/02, p. 17: One word: Bravo. It is one of the stupidest, most tasteless, ludicrous, embarrassing fiascos I have ever seen, and would certainly turn me off as a potential vacationer. Yuck. Excellent article.

Lou Israel

Toronto, Ont.

Polar Ice also advertising

RE: ‘Absolut considers TV advertising’ (Strategy, March 11/02, p. 1).

I was interested to see your article on Absolut. I thought that you might like to know that Absolut is not the only premium vodka that supports its brand with advertising.

For our brand, Polar Ice, we have used outdoor and are already on television ahead of Absolut. Based on our sales results and our consumer tracker, we feel Polar Ice vodka has had very good results. It is the fastest growing top 25 liquor brand in Canada and the fastest growing premium vodka at +22% vs. a year ago.

Mike Minchin

V.P. Marketing

Corby Distilleries

Toronto, Ont.